Las Vegas Police Say Shooter's Gun Jammed When Security Guard Returned Fire in Turnberry Towers Incident Caught on Video

Las Vegas police say that Andrew Warrender only got one gunshot off before his rifle malfunctioned and a security guard returned fire, according to the police report regarding a thwarted shooting caught on video at Turnberry Towers on Friday. The assailant, Andrew Warrender, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and discharging a firearm in an occupied structure.


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said that the 32-year-old suspect walked into the lobby of the residential high-rise complex on East Karen Avenue near Paradise Road around 3:15 p.m. while carrying a Stag Arms model Stag 6.8. After firing one round at a security guard, Warrender’s rifle malfunctioned.

Police wrote:

Warrender appears to have a malfunction of the rifle and tries to fix it. He then places the rifle back into his shoulder and again aims the rifle in the direction [of the victim] as he is crouched below the counter. Warrender’s finger appeared to press the trigger but because the firearm malfunctioned, no bullet was discharged.

Police determined that the malfunction was caused by a stuck casing in the ejection port and a partially chambered cartridge.
According to the arrest report, Warrender was shot several times in the thighs and abdomen by the security guard as he attempted to exit the lobby.

Officers responding to the emergency call found Warrender on the ground in front of the main entrance, where he was being held at gunpoint by the security guard brandishing a Smith and Wesson 9mm handgun until officers arrived. Warrender was transported for medical care, underwent surgery, and has since been sedated and unable to be interviewed by police.


The quick-acting security guard said that he “felt everyone’s life in the area was in danger” and “he used deadly force to protect innocent citizens.”

The security guard told investigators that a valet employee approached him shortly before the shooting and alerted him that Warrender “was about to point a firearm at him.” Subsequently, Warrender entered the front lobby, where the security guard heard a gunshot and observed Warrender holding the rifle, prompting him to return fire. The security guard reports discharging five to seven rounds, causing Warrender to fall to the ground and drop the rifle.

The driver described Warrender as socially awkward but noted that carrying a rifle was “very out of the ordinary.” Before shots were fired, this witness approached Warrender to ask if he was okay, and “Warrender replied that he was not okay,” as stated in the report. The driver told investigators that he asked Warrender why he was carrying the rifle, and Warrender took a few steps back and acted as though he was going to point the gun in the direction of someone. The driver stated that he feared for his life, alerting front desk security and telling multiple guests to leave the lobby area and to look for cover.

Employees of Turnberry Towers recognized Warrender because he frequently stayed at the property while visiting a relative who resided there. Police did a welfare check on the relative, reported to be Warrender’s uncle, and found an empty black case on a bed that appeared to be for the rifle used in the commission of the crime.


According to a valet driver that spoke with Warrender upon arrival, the two of them typically engage in banter or “usually joke” with each other, but on Friday, he remained silent upon his arrival, ignoring the valet driver and continuing into the lobby with a “blank stare.” This witness also stated that they did not observe Warrender with a rifle or helmet when he entered the property.

Warrender missed a court appearance on Tuesday due to a medical issue, but his condition post-surgery is reported to be stable. According to police, he was booked in absentia. A booking photo is not available of Warrander at this time. He is held without bail and scheduled to be arraigned on Monday.


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