Where Is Your Congressman?

Heritage Action for America has a very funny new video out featuring actor Clint Howard titled “August Recess Excuses.”  Many Congressman are not holding Town Hall meetings this August.  The video shows what must be happening behind closed doors with members who are trying to avoid any embarrassing public meetings.


Some great examples of why Senators and House members are avoiding Town Hall meetings are below:

  1. Senator Claire McCaskill’s “We Don’t Trust You” Moment – August 2009;
  2. Representative Kathy Castor’s “You’ll Get Nothing and Like It” Moment – August 2009;
  3. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee “Hold That Thought While I Take a Call” Moment- August 2009;
  4. Representative Pete Stark’s “Who You Going to Kill Today” Moment – June 2010
  5. Representative Baron Hill “This Is My Meeting and You Will Follow My Rules” Moment – September 2009;
  6. Senator Arlen Specter – “God is Going to Judge You” Moment- August 2009;
  7. Constituent Question of the Year – September 2009;
  8. Representative Melissa Bean – “No Questions or You Will Meet My Strength and Conditioning Staffer” Moment – August 2010;
  9. President Obama’s “Why Does Everybody Hate You” Moment – October 2009; and,
  10. Representative Russ Carnahan – “Unfriendly Constituents Will Receive A Beat Down” Moment – August 2009.

Constituents are so angry, it is understandable why Members of Congress are avoiding meetings with constituents and avoiding the scary Town Hall moment.


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