You Are Funding 'Gender-Affirming Treatments' and Planned Parenthood Is Bragging About It

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Are you sick of the transgender agenda in America? Well, so is your wallet. 

As Fox News reported on Saturday, Planned Parenthood is soaking up your taxpayer dollars, turning around, and using them to push more "gender-affirming care" on Americans, including the youth. 

In fact, Planned Parenthood is bragging about it. According to the abortion provider, it's now the "number two" provider of these gender-bending procedures. However, despite it being proud of this fact, it's not being very forthcoming with its numbers: 

Louisiana Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy, who was a medical doctor before joining politics, has strongly criticized Planned Parenthood for being "opaque" in its reporting practices on transgender procedures – raising questions about whether spikes in an undisclosed category in its annual reports are from its gender program. 

"Despite the rapid increase in the number of Planned Parenthood affiliates offering these types of services, the exact number of gender transition services performed is unknown because this information is captured in the organization’s annual reports under the broad label of 'Other Procedures,'" Cassidy said in a press release.

In its latest report, Planned Parenthood lists 177,237 in the "other procedures" category, a drastic increase from 15,902 "other Procedures" in its 2020-2021 report

However, the organization is facing down investigations and lawsuits as the organization doesn't seem to be doing its due diligence in overseeing who does and doesn't get treatment. This includes not doing the proper psychological tests before giving people hormonal drugs: 

One Planned Parenthood clinic in Illinois is embattled in an ongoing lawsuit where the plaintiff is alleging one of their doctors was "negligent" in treating her by giving her hormone therapy to treat gender dysphoria. 

The lawsuit alleges the Planned Parenthood doctor failed to perform proper tests and psychological evaluations before allowing the plaintiff "who had no experience in the matter, to determine whether she wanted masculinizing hormone treatment, i.e., testosterone, when she was not qualified to do so." 

Alleged negligence has made the plaintiff suffer "great pain and anguish, (incur) substantial medical expenses and (experience) a substantial loss of her normal life," according to the lawsuit.

This lines up with what a Planned Parenthood whistleblower said back in 2021, stating the organization was effectively ushering young people into the door and giving them drugs with little to no mental examination first. This was especially happening to young women who, according to the whistleblower, would come to the clinic in groups and receive these treatments as if it were a fun girl's day out. 

During the examinations, the whistleblower said they would ask questions that didn't really get to the bottom of what these girls were feeling. 

“The questions that we asked were like, very closed-ended…It would be, ‘you know, at what age did this start’? Boom — that is it. ‘What kinds of dysphoria do you feel’? Boom — that’s it, you know? ‘What do you want out of your transition’? ‘Do you want top surgery?’ ‘Do you want bottom surgery’?,” said the whistleblower. 

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As noted by the New York Post, the radical leftist organization took in $1.8 billion in taxpayer money in three years, including $90 million in COVID loans. 

This means that Planned Parenthood is soaking up nearly 2 billion of our taxpayer dollars to push something that is clearly hurting the youth, so much so that other governments have stopped allowing their systems to provide "gender-affirming care" for minors, including the NHS. 

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This is just another reason as to why there needs to be a focus on defunding Planned Parenthood. 



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