The Biden Replacement Problem

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Taking a glance at RedState's front page, you'll find that after last night's debate, Trump is crushing his enemies, seeing them driven before him, and hearing the lamentations of their women. Democrats are panicking more than any time I've ever seen, at least in my lifetime. This panic is causing many to call for President Joe Biden to be replaced. 

Everyone from the corporate media to Democrat staffers don't feel like ridin' with Biden anymore. 

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After his debate performance, I don't blame them, but not everyone shares that point of view. One of those people is South Carolina Rep, Jim Clyburn, who believes Biden should "stay the course." According to The Hill, Clyburn compared this to a ball game where Biden has "two more swings," then upon being asked if there would be anyone who could communicate the Democrat platform better, the South Carolinian denied it

The performance has fueled commentary among pundits and lawmakers that Biden — who is 81 — should step aside and let another Democrat assume the spot at the top of the presidential ticket.

Asked Friday if he thinks there’s a better Democrat to communicate the party’s platform, Clyburn, who served in House Democratic leadership for more than two decades before stepping down earlier this year, responded: “No.”

“There’s no better Democrat,” he added.

Here's the thing. Clyburn isn't wrong. 

Looking at the field of candidates the Democrats have is like looking at the remaining kids against the wall after all the good ones were chosen for a game of kickball. They aren't going to help you win the game. In fact, they might even lose it for you. 

Let's take a look at some of the names floated by Democrats. 

Michelle Obama

Former first lady Obama's name has been thrown into the conversation on more than one occasion, but if there's one thing she's made clear, it's that she hates all this and doesn't want to get involved in it. She reportedly hated her family's time in the White House, but while she never explicitly said that out loud, one thing she did say she didn't at all love was living in the public eye. According to her, it took a toll on her family and she was not keen on her daughters being scrutinized so much. 

She has stated on multiple occasions that she has no desire to run for office, and that includes the presidency. Since her husband just reinforced his support for Biden on Friday, I doubt Obama will come running to rescue the DNC. 

Gavin Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom has probably been the most popular name floated after last night, but the man is the poster child of damaged goods. His state of California is one of the worst run in the nation and so many people are fleeing his jurisdiction that California plates are plaguing highways in red states, including my own. 

Texas is full. Go away. 

Newsom's governorship is so disastrous that he's fighting off a second recall effort, and not only that, he was horribly embarrassed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during a debate between the two.  The finishing blow by DeSantis was so hard that it nearly sunk California into the sea: 

Newsom comes with a whole host of controversies that can be used against him, including his French Laundry debacle, where he was seen gallivanting about in an expensive restaurant after locking the state down. RedState managing editor Jennifer Van Laar has done enough exposing of Newsom's corruption and failure that Trump would be able to read off a list of her headlines and win the debate with those alone. 

No, really, peruse that link. This man is slimier than the New York sewer in Ghostbusters 2...or the New York sewer in real life. 

Oh, and then there's this that just came out...

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Hillary Clinton

I still can't figure out if this suggestion is a joke or not. Hillary Clinton has been floated as Biden's replacement, and if not him, then Kamala Harris's replacement...for some reason. 

Many Democrats might be interested to see the rematch of the century, with Clinton coming in from the rafters to face off against her greatest foe like some WWE storyline, but I'm not sure people forgot how horrible Clinton was as a candidate yet. Not only does she come with her own drama and stories of corruption, her frailty during the 2016 election was on full display, which would not do well for her when the frailty of the guy she would be replacing is what's getting him in trouble. 

You know, other than the open border, horrible economy, out-of-control inflation, rising crime rates, and radical policies. 

But I think the real issue here is that after 2016, the Clintons' star has fallen far. Her obsession over her loss to Trump never abated. Almost everything she says or does relates to it. On that note, Clinton has proven herself to be wildly unrelatable to middle America, and no wonder, she practically ignored them in 2016. She is an unapologetic elite trying to act like she's not one simultaneously, and it's just off-putting. This would especially hurt her when this election has, in a way, become about the rejection of the leftist elite and the embrace of American traditionalism and exceptionalism. 

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Hakeem Jeffries

I'll be honest, the only people I've heard suggest he might be Biden's replacement are conservatives when they're speculating. Perhaps members of the left have talked about it, but I haven't personally seen any Democrat hold him up as that guy. 

Sadly, Clyburn is right. Biden stands the best chance at winning, even if that's no chance at all. 

Says a lot about the Democrat Party right now. 



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