Mother and Baby Denied Boarding United Airlines Flight After Misgendering Attendant

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If you're wondering how far the transgender movement has gone in forcing itself on the public, a recent story out of San Francisco, California, is pretty solid evidence. 


A video began going viral on X on Wednesday showing a mother discussing how she and her 16-month-old baby, as well as her mother, were denied a flight from San Francisco to Austin after she misgendered one of the attendants. As initially reported by ThePublica, the woman's name is Jenna Longoria. 

According to Longoria's video, she's not sure exactly what she said that ticked off the attendant, other than misgendering and then apologizing afterward. They removed the three from the flight but did not remove their luggage, which contained medication that both she and her mother needed. 

Longoria was attempting to soothe her toddler, who was throwing a tantrum while trying to get the car seat situated for him. 

“I was speaking to one of the flight attendants and got their pronouns wrong. The other flight attendant didn’t like it. I said I am really sorry, ‘they,’ I’m not very versed with pronouns,” she said. 

Apparently, that's when she was kicked off the flight. 

“They’re saying that it’s a hate crime that I did, that I might not even be able to ever fly United. We don’t even know how we’re going to get back today. I don’t know what to do. I really don’t know what to do. I don’t know what my rights are here,” she continues. 


United reached out to Jenna, asking her to DM them her confirmation code so they could "take a closer look." 

The following morning, Longoria posted an update from her X account showing that she finally made it home with no offered refund or an apology. 

Bree Dail of the Daily Wire reached out to United to ask about the incident and according to United's Media Relations, Longoria was kicked off the flight over an issue with there being too many carry-ons, which doesn't correspond with claims made by the manager. 

United has gone incredibly pro-transgender recently. In May 2023, United revealed their new uniforms would include pronouns next to their names

In March of this year, United Airlines suffered five incidents in one week that put the safety of their customers' lives in danger, including engine failure, wheels falling off, and one plane veering off the runway and becoming stuck in the mud after its rear landing gear collapsed. Many attribute this to the fact that United has embraced DEI in their hiring policies across the board. 


United CEO Scott Kirby confirmed this during an interview, where he openly confessed to making his crews and C-suite employees as diverse as possible, which usually means merit and skill take a back seat. That removal of focus from ability and putting it on identity will make for shoddier work down the line. 

But perhaps United's move against Longoria isn't surprising, given footage that recently came out involving Kirby. 

RedState will update this story if any more news comes out about it. 


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