Disney’s ‘The Acolyte’ Isn’t As Woke As Advertised As the Women Make Far Less Than Men on Set

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Well, well, well. 

Disney sure does spend a lot of time and an ungodly amount of money shoving modern politics down our throat, including the idea that women deserve more of a stage than men. However, while it believes that women should be getting more accolades, leading roles, and glory, it apparently doesn't believe that they should be getting more pay. 


According to Forbes, Disney filed documents that reveal the latest disastrous Star Wars show it's trying to push on the public, "The Acolyte," might feature women as its central focus — including lesbian space witches — but it sure isn't paying them as much as the men:

According to the filings, in early April last year, when production of the streaming series was still in full swing, just 30% of the 695 employees were female and across the entire workforce, women's average hourly pay was 19.4% lower than men’s.

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This isn't a good look for Disney or Kathleen Kennedy, who has spent the better part of a decade promoting the idea that Star Wars is too male-centric and that the force is now female. Feminism was supposed to rule the roost, but it's clear that the brand isn't as "progressive" behind the scenes despite all of its wokeness being displayed to the public up front: 

Black and international actors fill the show's ranks leading to it being dubbed the most inclusive and diverse live-action Star Wars project ever. It has also led to the show being branded woke which was supposedly the driving force behind its plummeting rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Just a day after the show launched on June 4 its audience score stood at 50% but since then there has been a disturbance in the force.

Four of the eight episodes have aired so far on the Disney+ streaming platform and the reviews of them have been overwhelmingly negative. So much so that the audience score is now just 14% giving The Acolyte a lower rating than the critically-panned Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the notorious 1978 Star Wars: Holiday Special.


As we've covered on RedState, "The Acolyte" is just awful. It features horrible writing with nonsensical plot elements and unnecessary dialogue that tells more than it shows, making the show feel hollow and dragging. When even the Rolling Stone can't get behind it despite all the political box checking, you know it's bad. 

All of this stems from the mind of Leslye Headland, Harvey Weinstein's former assistant. Headland cackled alongside "Acolyte" lead actress Amandla Stenberg as an interviewer celebrated the fact that this was the "gayest Star Wars ever." Indeed, the show wears its current-year socio-political biases on its sleeve, which makes the news that it's paying the women on set far less than the men sort of hilarious. 

So much leftist ideology has been stuffed into this show, yet Disney seems unwilling to put its money where its mouth is on the equal pay front. Oddly, I'm sure few people are surprised. When radical leftism is involved, the actions rarely match up to the professed principles and often times you'll find the most ardent virtue signalers to be the most hypocritical. 


Another day, another Disney L. 

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