A Much More Horrific and Sinister Part of the Transgender Community Has Been Uncovered

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That the transgender community is filled with degenerates, pedophiles, and criminals was already common knowledge, but this new discovery about what's going on within the community adds a horrifying element to the already awful situation. 

Imagine you're a woman in what you perceive as a happy marriage. You settle down with a charming, good-natured man. You have children with him. You think you're living a normal life. Then suddenly, one day, your husband tells you that he's transgender. The man you knew is suddenly gone, but more than that, he begins to alter his appearance and you notice something horrifying. 

He's mimicking you. Your habit of dress, how you wear your makeup, your mannerisms, and your way of talking. 

You suddenly find yourself divorced, your children are now without a father, and walking away from the burning wreckage of your life is a man who has become a doppelgänger of yourself. 

This is what happened to a woman named Tracy Shannon, who suddenly found her life destroyed after her husband became transgender and left the family they'd established now living a life as a knock-off version of herself. 

Shannon posted her story to X along with photos. He not only copied his ex-wife's look, he told the stories of his children being born as he was the one that gave birth, having watched what his wife went through and then placing himself in her spot during stories.

"My ex imitated me.  He mimicked my mannerisms and laugh.  He copied my hairstyle and hair color. Even his nose job looks similar to my nose.  He wore my clothes.  He used to watch me while I did my makeup. I just thought we were talking until I read in his messages about how he watched me to learn.  He told several people he was the kids' mom and he gave birth to them, having been able to get pregnant by donated sperm.  Apparently, I am a lesbian (nobody told me...except his crazy therapist once).  He recounted every detail of my deliveries as if he did it. Me on the left, him on the right.  He got bangs cut shortly after my pic on the left was taken."

The term used to describe these women who had their lives destroyed by these mimicking transgenders are "trans widows," which is actually a blanket term to describe women whose husband left them in order to be trans, but more and more we're seeing that these widows served as the basis for these men's female "personalities." 

These are called "trans widows" as the men who become transgender and abandon their wives completely disappear as their former selves, effectively dying and leaving their wives abandoned. 

Shannon tried to get her story out. Michael Knowles even did an interview with her, but the story was buried by YouTube. It can now be found on X. She tells the story of her former husband who was manipulated and mislead by everyone from her husband to her therapist who actually had a prior, undisclosed relationship with her husband. 

Lauren Southern delved into the phenomenon and uncovered more instances of men learning how to be women by watching their wives, then basing their new personas off of them. 

As Southern covers, even if these men don't completely disappear, there are men who start to claim that they can do things for the children that only women can, such as breastfeeding. 

I can't imagine the mental and emotional toll this takes on both the former wives of these men and the children they have. It almost seems as if these men begin using these children as tools to further their delusions and perversions. As I wrote about previously, probably one of the most famous examples of this is "Chris Tyson," the friend of YouTube's most popular content creator, MrBeast. Tyson divorced his wife and then soon revealed he was transgender all his life. While I'm not sure if he used his wife as an example of how to be a woman, what I do see is him openly attempting to bring his son into his destructive lifestyle. 

(READ: Yes, MrBeast's Friend Chris Tyson Abandoned His Wife and Son When He Identified as a Woman)

I don't know how often this aspect of men becoming women after marrying happens, but "trans widows" are enough of a thing for a community to be created by women who've lost their husband to the transgender mind virus. There's an active hashtag on X with women coming forward to give their stories. Moreover, it appears that there's a common connection of women who would say that their husbands learned how to be women from them. 

From the stories I'm reading, the pattern seems to be marrying, possibly having children, and getting these women into a space where it's harder to leave them, then revealing that they've been transgender for some time. Some of these stories seem to show women are gaslit by their husbands and third parties, often therapists, into accepting this change, even being forbidden from using their real names. 

This is beyond sinister, but I expect nothing less from a community that builds itself on the back of trauma, mental illness, and cult-like tactics. 

Moreover, it shows just how much the radical left is ignoring in its quest to spread this disease, and it's one more piece of proof that the radical left doesn't care about women at all. In fact, it seems to approve of their abuse time and again. 



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