Climate Alarmism Is for Useful Idiots

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On Thursday, climate activists from the radical group "Just Stop Oil" charged forward and desecrated the ancient landmark of Stonehenge with orange powdered smoke. The group was so proud of themselves and assured everyone that the powder they sprayed onto Stonehenge will wash off in the rain, a claim that was debunked by X's community notes, and what's more, the Stonehenge X account made it clear that the group also possibly harmed the protected lichens growing on the ancient stones. 

Ultimately, "Just Stop Oil" accomplished nothing, while it did damage to a beloved historical site. In fact, the only thing the group did was make people angry about these environmental activists and made them not want to listen to them even more. 

And it's pretty clear nobody likes them. For every priceless piece of art they desecrate and damage, they erode their own cause and make people so spiteful against them that they're willing to create a cow farm just to release those dastardly cow farts into the air to show them. So why do they keep doing it? 

It's because they're idiots. 

Let's be honest here. There's too much evidence pointing to the fact that climate alarmism is fake. Climate science is a complicated, multifaceted thing that has so many factors in it that we can't possibly guess what the weather is going to look like 10 to 15 years down the line with solid accuracy. Hell, I live in Texas and the weatherman can hardly get the weather right two to three days out. 

I've written on this subject so much that I noticed a pattern. These people look more like religious zealots than anyone who believes in science. I refer to alarmists as "The Church of Climate Change," and it even comes with its own Saints, tenets, and doomsday scenarios. It has preachers that tell you that you're sinful, and that your transgressions will result in fire and brimstone...or ice and cold...or something crazy. It really depends on the day. 

As I've pointed out, all of these apocalyptic predictions never come true. The planet is fine all these years later. In fact, the world has only gotten a bit greener, as admitted by NASA. Some glaciers are melting, but others are growing. All the while, its preachers are traveling on private jets to and fro as they wag their finger at you for driving down the street to work. The solution to stopping all this imminent destruction is for you to give them more power.

Funny how making them more rich and powerful is always the solution. 

Also, it's funny how the solution never involves the cleanest and most efficient methods of providing energy. Instead, it's always about destroying miles of land to install wind turbines and solar farms, all of which are horrible for the environment in their own right. 

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We're not killing the planet by flooding it with carbon-dioxide. That's a lie. But you don't have to take my word for it. Listen to Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition Tom Harris, and the Senior Policy Advisor of the International Climate Science Coalition and Senior Science Analyst at CFACT, the late Jay Lehr, who wrote: 

Relative to Earth’s entire record, carbon-dioxide levels are at historically low levels; they only appear high when compared to the dangerously low levels of carbon dioxide that occurred in Earth’s very recent history. The geologic record reveals carbon dioxide has almost always been in Earths’ atmosphere in much greater concentrations than it is today. For example, 600 million years ago, when history’s greatest birth of new animal species occurred, atmospheric carbon-dioxide concentrations exceeded 6,500 parts per million (ppm) — an amount that’s 17 times greater than it is today.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide is currently only 410 parts per million. That means only 0.04 percent of our atmosphere is carbon dioxide (compared to 0.03 percent one century ago). Only one molecule in 2,500 is carbon dioxide. Such levels certainly do not pose a health risk, as carbon-dioxide levels in our naval submarines, which stay submerged for months at a time, contain an average carbon-dioxide concentration of 5,000 ppm.

They laid out even more facts about just how ridiculous climate alarmism is by pointing out that man doesn't produce nearly enough carbon to be dangerous compared to the amount nature produces itself: 

The absurdity of climate alarmism claims gets even stranger when you consider there are 7.5 billion people on our planet who, together, exhale 2.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year, which is almost 10 percent of total fossil-fuel emissions every year. However, we are but a single species. Combined, people and all domesticated animals contribute 10 billion tons.

Further, 9 percent of carbon-dioxide emissions from all living things arise not from animals, but from anaerobic bacteria and fungi. These organisms metabolize dead plant and animal matter in soil via decay processes that recycle carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. The grand total produced by all living things is estimated to be 440 billion tons per year, or 13 times the amount of carbon dioxide currently being produced by fossil-fuel emissions. Fossil-fuel emissions are less than 10 percent of biological emissions.

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All this information is available to be viewed openly, but it's funny how many environmentalists who scream that the sky is falling as they toss soup on the Mona Lisa either don't know about it or don't care. 

I'm not at all saying that humans should not care about the environment. Quite the opposite. I think conservation is great. I think looking after the land and being good stewards of the vast garden we've been given is a good thing. But I believe that we need to stop playing around with power hungry wackos whose main tool to garnering more control is ignorance and start getting serious about utilizing technologies we have and developing more tech that bring us toward a cleaner future. 

The answer isn't lower birth rates. The answer isn't regulating companies into the ground. The answer isn't working on ways to shut off people's access to electricity. The answer isn't desecrating monuments or stopping traffic like idiots. Moreover, you are not the carbon that needs reducing

But these idiots don't know what else to do because they're idiots, playing into the hands of people who are very good at manipulating idiots. 



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