Why Does Joe Biden Run in Circles With Villains and Deviants?

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Remember Rose Montoya? You might not remember the name, but you'll remember the breasts he released outside the White House during 2023's Pride Month celebration. 

Yes, "he." Montoya is a transgender activist and TikTok influencer who was invited to the White House and, as a celebration of being transgender, got other transgender people in a line where they removed their tops and allowed a camera to pass by for social media. 

You remember the video. It went viral to outstanding outrage that was so intense that the White House even had to back down and denounce Montoya, indicating he'd never be allowed back.  

Well, now it turns out that Montoya may not be just a transgender degenerate who likes to strip down in front of children at state events. He's also allegedly the kind of guy who likes to sexually assault other people, as news was recently released that Montoya purportedly raped another trans individual more than once. This individual, who goes by the name "TransMuscleBear," alleged that there are also four more victims. This individual also brought receipts. 

Shocked? A little. Surprised? Not even a little bit. 

This all tracks as it seems the more high-profile people in Joe Biden's circles seem to be this brand of gross. 

You may recall Sam Brinton, the ex-Biden official who was caught stealing luggage from airports and then later wearing the women's clothing he'd find in public. If that wasn't bad enough, he also defended underage gay prostitution

Biden's "monkeypox advisor" was Demetre Daskalakis, a satanist who likes to speak at "kink" conventions after being escorted to the stage by two nearly-naked men while he wears bondage gear. 

Remember Aidan Maese-Czeropski? He was an aide of Senator Ben Cardin, who recently filmed himself having gay sex in the Senate hearing room. Before he was fired, Maese-Czeropski was reportedly in a Biden video thanking his supporters for "teaching" and "growing" America. While I can't confirm it's him, it appears he comes in at the 1:02 mark of the ad. 

Then, of course, there's Hunter Biden. 

I could just chalk all this up to Biden's staffers and aides bringing these people in. I could just pin this on his handlers, as Biden is clearly not in his right mind, and someone is steering the ship for him. However, Hunter Biden is proof positive that these are Biden's people. 

Hunter Biden's laptop exposed a lot of the Biden family's degeneracy in many ways, but Hunter seems to be the undeniable proof that behind the suits, the pomp and circumstance, and politically appealing window dressing, there's a family that allows prostitution, drug use, and a host of illegal activity. There was clearly a guiding star for his children to follow. 

Biden's lack of care for his children is also on display with his grandchildren. Hunter Biden has done his level best to avoid supporting his own daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, but Joe and Jill have never seen her

Joe Biden is himself a degenerate who runs with degenerates. We were once told that "decency is on the ballot" by a Biden, and they're right. This is one of the most disgusting families in history, and because it's a disgusting family in power, it invites disgusting people into positions of power alongside them.

It's no wonder our country went to hell in a handbasket so fast.  



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