The 'King of Country' Sells Out Most-Ticketed Event In US History, and James Woods' Take Is Brilliant

Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Every now and again, the king has to come down from his throne and show everyone how it's done. 

According to Fox News, George Strait's concert in College Station, Texas, set a record for the most ticketed concert in U.S. history, making him not just the "king of country music" but the "king of concerts": 


The "Amarillo By Morning" singer played to a crowd of 110,905 fans in south Texas, breaking an all-time attendance record previously set by the Grateful Dead nearly 50 years ago.

In 1977, 107,019 fans packed into New Jersey's Raceway Park to catch the Dead show. Strait bested that number on Saturday by nearly 4,000 tickets sold, according to Billboard.

The concert was held at Kyle Field, Texas A&M's football stadium. Strait sent out a message on X prior to the concert encouraging fans to arrive early and stay hydrated, as Strait's performance was going to be preceded by festivities and a lot of tailgating. He told them he'd also be debuting his new songs from his upcoming album, "Cowboys and Dreamers." 

Among the attendees was Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who snapped a photo of the massive crowd. 

Strait posted later to X, showing a much wider shot of the massive crowd who came to see him. 


"I'm scared!" Strait joked in reaction to the amount of people who were in attendance. 

According to reports, people went to the concert, enjoyed it immensely, and went home safe and satisfied. It's a point that wasn't lost on actor James Woods. 

"The largest ticketed concert in U.S. history. No fights, no shootings, no burning police cars. Just 110,000 civilized fans celebrating a great American talent. What a concept! Thank you, Texas!" woods posted to X. 

Woods isn't wrong. It's refreshing to have such a gathering of people and absolutely nothing happens but a good time. Especially as we enter an election season where everything is contentious and everyone is ready to rip out everyone else's throats. You can't even attend a comedy show without it being interrupted by a crazed lunatic spouting off anti-Israel propaganda. 


As Bonchie reported on Monday, that's exactly what happened to Jerry Seinfeld during a show in Australia. 

But as Woods points out, everyone there was civil, and simply there for a good time. Something that we definitely need more of in today's age of division and anger. No drama, no hate, just good country music from the king himself. 

A civilized concert for civilized people in a civilized place. 


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