Congratulations, You're Far Right...and So Is Your Democrat Friend

AP Photo/Ryan Sun

You probably think the world has gone crazy, and you have every right to believe that. I would argue, however, that it's not the world that's necessarily gone crazy, it's the elites who seem to have lost it. Stepping outside my front door, the vast majority of people are just like you and me. We're all sick and tired of the nonsense, the bad leadership, the awful economy, and the radicalized agendas being shoved our way every time we blink. 

The radicalism, in particular, is so bad that even moderate Democrats have thrown their hands up in disgust at what their party has become. They're all Ronald Reagan now, grumbling that they never left the party, the party left them, and it wasn't a slow drift either. The Democrat Party, and indeed the mainstream left, slammed down the pedal and sprayed gravel and smoke all over everyone as it sped to its extremist positions. 

You now have Democrats proclaiming they'll be voting for Donald Trump in November as they angrily curse the Democrat Party for being what it is. 

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To hear the left tell it, however, they never changed. Democrats claim they represent all that is good and lovely in the world. They stand for "love," and "equality," and "inclusion," and common sense this and fairness that. 

Terms and conditions apply. Many will enter, few will win. 

Zooming out, however, we can see what the political spectrum has turned into thanks to the left's radically leftward shift. Everything that isn't them is now "far-right." You can see this phrase used constantly in the media when discussing anything that looks to the right of their extremist sentiments. 

The Rabbit Hole on X had a very useful infographic that I think sums up the modern political dynamic very well. 

You can see how radical the left has become in various ways right in front of your face. 

The left believes it's good and righteous to have grown men dressed as women dancing provocatively in front of children. In decades past, this wouldn't have flown because we knew that, while you could do as you wish behind closed doors, involving children was an egregious act that required action. Now, parents are uniting under various banners in order to keep activists from putting pornographic reading material in their children's school libraries. So radically has the left drifted leftward that the Southern Poverty Law Center put one of these groups, Moms for Liberty, in the same hate column as the KKK. 

They didn't stop at these parents, either. So high on its own supply is the left that the SPLC includes medical professionals that won't perform harmful gender-swapping treatments on children as worthy of their "hate watch" list as well. 

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Need another example? In just the last couple of months, a contingent of leftists has taken to protesting Israel's war against Hamas, a terrorist group that not only slaughtered, kidnapped, and committed unspeakable atrocities to innocents, but it does just about as bad to its own people. Yet, the left has become openly hostile to the Jewish people, to the point where they aren't too dissimilar from Nazis. They harass and attack Jewish people in the streets of America proudly. 

Here are a bunch of these neo-Nazis ordering "Zionists" off a train in New York. 

In this day and age, they label anything as "far right," and if I'm being honest, I'm good with that. 

Yes, in their eyes I probably am on the far right given my proximity to them, but so is damn near everyone else. Being called "far right" in this context isn't a knock on me, it's a knock on them, the extremists on the left who want to groom children and harm Jewish people for simply existing. 

Nowadays, anything the left labels as "far right" is worth looking into, because you might just be in agreement with it...and your Democrat friend might as well.



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