Pro-Hamas Extremists Attack Israel Supporters—Right in Front of LA's Museum of Tolerance

Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles. (Wikimedia Commons)

Violent fights broke out on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles Wednesday night between pro-Hamas activists and Israel supporters—incredibly, right in front of the Museum of Tolerance. Video posted to the social media platform X shows young men on the streets smashing each other in the face and just causing general mayhem:


The altercations were in response to Israeli actress Gal Gadot's screening of the film “Bearing Witness,” which shows Israel Defense Forces footage of the Hamas terror attack atrocities of October 7. Many media reactions to the screenings were negative, with headlines like, "‘Don’t let her get away with this’: Gal Gadot under fire for organizing Hamas footage screening in US." But all she is doing is showing exactly what Hamas did—this is what scares them so much, the truth?

The confrontations were foreshadowed by an X/Twitter account called JTOWNACTION, which describes itself as a "grassroots collective dedicated to revolutionary organizing & building community power in Little Tokyo." If you want to see some of the most vile antisemitic commentary out there, here's a post they retweeted about the end of the SAG_AFTRA strike:


Before the streetfights occurred, several leftist groups were calling for action:

And this:

A source who wished to remain anonymous but who was at the scene told RedState that police did eventually show up and order everyone to disperse. 

As of this writing, no deaths or major injuries have been reported from this confrontation, but the more this type of activity occurs, the more we will start seeing serious incidents. 

In fact, we already have: as RedState's Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar reported Tuesday, the death of an elderly Jewish man at a rally in Thousand Oaks, California, has now been ruled a homicide because he was hit over the head with a megaphone and fell to the concrete, suffering fatal head injuries. 


Through investigation, Van Laar was also able to identify the suspect before the police even announced it, but the Ventura County Sheriff's office has now confirmed that he has been identified as Loay Alnaji, a Computer Science Professor at Moorpark College. 

Expect more such tragedies of this type if unhinged pro-Hamas actions continue in our cities.


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