The Liner at the Bottom of the Birdcage

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The New York Times was, and still is an internationally recognized newspaper. So venerated was the organization that it was known as America's "paper of record," a reputation that carried with it a lot of respect and trust. Every newspaper stand carries it, and to this day, when people around the globe hear "The New York Times reports...," they automatically believe whatever is said afterward as a matter of verified fact. 

But the Old Gray Lady has done its best to destroy that reputation over the course of generations and with increasing veracity in the last couple of decades. The New York Times barely resembles a news organization now. In fact, it's hard to see it as anything but what it currently is; a hive of radical leftist activists. 

Let's take a look at some of the things it's talked about over just the past few years. 

It believes Republicans of color are destroying the American dream

It spread lies about the Trump/Russia collusion hoax, then refused to return the Pulitzer it won for it. 

It attempted to convince Americans that it didn't need a present with full mental capacities in order to make Biden seem like a better leader than he actually is. 

It decided to publish the rantings of an eco-terrorist calling for the destruction of property for the "greater good." 

It has a habit of making right-leaning figures or right-leaning media out to be dangerous purveyors of misinformation.

Then there was the bizarre commentary about every day being January 6 in America now.

But nothing has shown us just how ridiculous, biased, and downright evil the New York Times is than its recent reporting on the war between Israel and Hamas. As you've likely seen, the New York Times practically jumped at the chance to make Israel look like the bad guy when Hamas claimed an Israeli rocket hit a hospital in Gaza, killing 500 people. Of course, that didn't happen at all. 

A Hamas rocket malfunctioned and struck a hospital parking lot. The death toll was somewhere between 10 and 50 and the only damage the hospital suffered were a few broken windows. Regardless, the New York Times took no time to verify these reports coming straight out of a terrorist organization. It just published their claims as fact without so much as a second glance. 

The New York Times' response when their reporting of an obvious lie was called out? It was to put an editor's note, not a correction, about the story saying they jumped the gun and relied too heavily on Hamas info...behind a paywall. 

(READ: The New York Times Offers a Pathetic 'Editor's Note' on Its Gaza Hospital 'Bombing' Coverage)

There were rumors that Elon Musk had removed X's verification badge from the NYT for this level of garbage reporting. While that actually proved to be a joke, Barstool Sports CEO Dave Portnoy made this comment about the NYT at the time that is still kind of true. 

"They should never be treated as real journalists," he posted. "They are activists. The @TheBabylonBee is a better source for real info at this point."

He's joking, but he's not joking. As Babylon Bee co-founder Seth Dillon responded to Portnoy, "The difference is our fake stories sometimes come true." It's sad, but the brutal truth is that The New York Times effectively writes "reality" that becomes lampoonable, while the Bee writes satire that sadly becomes reality. 

This is a horrid look for the New York Times, but it's used to being dressed in this level of fraudulence. It's reporting has only one place where it serves any real use to the people...and that's lining a bird cage. 

The public needs to let go of the idea that the New York Times is a paper of record. It's not. It's an activist news hub. Period. 


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