New York Times Claims 'Republicans of Color' Are Distorting the American Dream

AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe

The New York Times makes another bogus claim about the GOP base. This time, they claim that the “Republicans of color” distort the American Dream. Of course, this is nothing new from the Times, as they continue their narrative that the GOP has no diversity in their party, but it seems like they are threatened now because of people like Congresswoman Mayra Flores (R-TX), Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer-Ruth Green (R-IN), and Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears (R-VA), who have recently won their races, and represent the GOP. Not only has the GOP diversity grown in Congress, but it is also growing among voters, as they have made gains with minorities.


The New York Times is in the camp that thinks “Republicans of color” should not be Republican. They still believe that minorities who support the GOP should not think for themselves and figure out which party better suits them; they should switch to the Democratic party. As we have seen, especially as of late, minorities are flocking the Democratic party because they are seeing the failures of the Biden administration regarding the economy, the southern border, and the Afghanistan debacle, among other shortcomings.

New York Times reporter Jazmine Ulloa wrote:

“For decades, politicians have used the phrase ‘the American dream’ to describe a promise of economic opportunity and upward mobility, of prosperity through hard work.”

“Now, a new crop of Republican candidates and elected officials are using the phrase in a different way, invoking the same promise but arguing in speeches, ads and mailings that the American dream is dying or in danger, threatened by what they see as rampant crime, unchecked illegal immigration, burdensome government regulations and liberal social policies.”

She continued:

“But historians and other scholars warn that some Republicans are distorting a defining American idea and turning it into an exclusionary political message … The Republican Party is using it as a dog whistle. They are saying here is the potential of what you can have, if we can exclude others from ‘stealing it’ from you.”


In conclusion, she tries playing the “both parties are at fault” tune, saying:

“Yet even Democrats find themselves speaking of the dream as pessimistically as Republicans. Just as Republicans blame Democrats for destroying the American dream, Democrats believe the fault lies with Republicans.”

Although the United States is facing tough times, the American Dream is alive and well. Ulloa can downplay it all she wants, but she is a product of the American Dream, as she writes for one of the most read newspapers in the United States.



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