What They Call 'Diversity' Is Actually Displacement

AP Photo/Fernando Llano, File

In September, a small Italian island called Lampedusa became overwhelmed by Tunisian and Libyan migrants overnight after waves of them arrived in rickety boats. The scene on the island became tense as people's lives were turned upside down by the waves of alien people who came to their shore and invaded their town and neighborhood.

Lampedusa went from a peaceful island community to a migrant housing facility that couldn't keep up with the arrivals, leaving its residents suffering the consequences. 

Lampedusa is no longer Lampedusa. Its culture is being shattered as I write this article and the people in charge at the European Union deny that this is an invasion at all. In fact, they seem to think that all this is a great thing. It's cultural enrichment according to them. 

The tiny Italian island isn't the only place losing itself to all this cultural enrichment. It's happening all over Europe, and it's even happening here in America. 

RedState is constantly covering the border crisis and, like in Europe, the Biden Administration loves pretending that there isn't one despite the fact that Americans can see it with their own eyes. While border states have always been awash in illegal migrants for years, thanks to Republican governors bussing migrants to "sanctuary cities," residents in cities like Chicago and New York are seeing the problem firsthand and watching as they lose parts of their cities and the expense that comes with it. 

For years, the left has said that all of this inclusion is great because it leads to "diversity" and "diversity is our strength." They throw the word around as if diversity is a virtue all on its own and that so much as questioning that makes one racist, xenophobic, and Hitleresque. 

But let's remove the modern political dressing and look at all of this realistically. 

What we're experiencing isn't diversity, it's displacement. It's eliminating a culture and forcing a loss of identity, a way of life, values, and traditions. This isn't cultural enrichment, this is cultural displacement and people have every right to be furious about it. 

A conversation between UK leftist activist and columnist Owen Jones and a bright unidentified young man brought this issue into the light in a great way. Jones has a habit of targeting young center-right people and attempting to embarrass them, but this young man he encountered was far more intelligent than Jones anticipated. 

Jones was trying to corner the man about diversity and immigration, and the young man explained well just how there is no diversity if the places being taken over are pushing out the people who originally lived there, causing it to become something else entirely. 

Jones attempted to throw the term "diverse" into the mix in order to pardon this idea of cultural dissolution, but the young man wasn't letting him get away with it. The young man said that forcing cultures into other cultures doesn't automatically make something good.

What should strike you about the young man's take is his unapologetic stance that cultural integration isn't inherently great and that good people who have established peaceful and productive cultures are being forced out by aliens whose values and ethics are completely different and sometimes even fall short of what we've come to know as "civilized." Logically, this is a bad thing.

Now, the left would take that paragraph above and shout "racism" and, as Jones argued, say that this "diversity" is ultimately a good thing. But as the young man detailed, "diversity" is neither good nor bad, it's how it's implemented. 

A home is built with a diverse number of materials including steel, wood, tempered glass, and plaster. Together, they create a sturdy home. However, if you assembled all of these with bolts and screws made of beeswax and cardboard, you'd have a collapsed pile of steel and wood very shortly and no one would be surprised, scratching their heads as they stared at the rubble mumbling "But I thought diversity was strength." 

Right now, entire cultures are being invaded, erased, and eliminated thanks to leftist ideals of diversity and inclusion. However, there isn't anything virtuous about what's happening. Like an invading army, cultures aren't being added to, they're being destroyed. 

Those who fight back against it are being labeled as racist, but racism and bigotry have nothing to do with this. It's okay to want to preserve and keep your culture. It's okay to want to keep your established communities safe from invasion. It is not an evil desire to want to live in peace and prosperity. This naturally doesn't mean that you have to exclude races or nationalities, but it does mean that fighting back against the invading forces of aliens is a righteous and good thing to do. 



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