The Toxicity of the Modern-Day 'Me Culture' Can Be Starved to Death

AP Photo/Todd Kirkland

We live in a very annoying time where servitude and graciousness to your fellow man has taken a back seat and the self-service and narcissism of the "me culture" has become the popular way of thinking. 

You can see this culture rear its ugly head in various ways and it usually comes through in, ironically, a complete lack of self-awareness. 

A solid example of this would be Colin Kaepernick, the poster child for selfishness. This man made the entire NFL about him, and for a hot moment, the NFL actually believed it. Despite Kaepernick continuously trying to get back into the NFL, he repeatedly thumbed his nose at the league. Even when the NFL rolled out the red carpet for his return, he played the victim. He even released a documentary about the league being the equivalent of modern-day slavery for black men. 

I guess he missed the part where it's made up of races of all varieties and everyone is paid more money than most people will ever see in their lives. 

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As Bonchie reported on Wednesday, Kaepernick is now back and asking for a spot on the New York Jets' practice team. The chances of that happening are least if the Jets are smart enough and don't cave to some sort of socio-political pressure. 

And you should hope the Jets don't do it for the additional reason of sending a message, albeit an unintentional one. 

Kaepernick is a prime figure in "me-culture." He's selfish, ungracious, and consumed with his own victimhood. He would be a weight on whoever hired him for whatever reason, whether he ended up being a practice squad member for an NFL team or McDonald's fry cook. 

The same can be said for anyone who identifies as a sex they aren't. While some people truly suffer from Gender Dysphoria, the people who don't but think they do are pretty easy to spot. They're the ones who readily shout about their own victimization any time anyone does so much as disagree with them. They're ready to make things political the moment they meet you. 

Funny enough, many business owners have figured this out pretty fast, and even hesitate to hire people who so much as offer pronouns in their bios. 

The bottom line is that self-obsession is bad for business. If anything goes wrong in their minds, then they can make a myriad of claims against you that likely won't have any basis in reality but will be believed in the court of public opinion anyway. All it can take is one claim of social sin, be it racism, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, etc., and you may be the target of a national cancelation effort. 

There's a scene in the movie War Games where a rampant AI is stopped from causing nuclear war by the main character asking it to play a simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe against itself in order to get it to understand the idea of just how much a no-win scenario nuclear war is. After a time of trying to beat itself at this simple game, the AI understands what the main character was trying to teach it. 

"The only winning move is not to play." 

This same lesson can be applied to "me culture." You're damned if you do, so don't. There is no winning scenario here. 

People who exhibit politically radical inclinations often reveal themselves from the moment you meet them. They'll tell you who they are because their identity and ideology are everything to them. The winning move for you is to simply not hire them. 

The message needs to be sent that there is no money in embracing this kind of mentality. Self-diagnosed victimhood makes you as unhirable as being a drug addict or a known thief. 

When I say this culture needs to be "starved," I mean that very, very literally. Hiring practices need to be embraced that feature refusal to embrace "me culture" employees. While some would say this is discriminatory, what I'm not suggesting is the stoppage of hiring people for their identity. I'm not even saying you shouldn't hire someone based on their political leanings.

I'm suggesting we stop hiring people based on their unwillingness to self-reflect and their obsession with making everything about them. Don't worry, they'll show you who they are from the get-go, and they have a trail of firings and HR issues behind them that will tell on them. 



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