Colin Kaepernick Exhibits One of the Worst Symptoms of Embracing Social Justice and Woke Culture

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There are a lot of negative traits exhibited by your run-of-the-mill social justice warrior and woke advocate. Oftentimes you’ll find things such as an excess of piercings, haircuts that look like they handed a buzzer to a three-year-old, clownish makeup, and brightly colored hair that completes the clown look, but looks aren’t everything.

What really strikes people about these social justice-obsessed lunatics is the attitudes they strike. They truly believe they’re better than everyone else, and they don’t have enough shame or self-awareness to know that they’re absolute garbage. This false sense of superiority leads them to bully people into submitting to their beliefs and all with a good conscience, for they truly believe that they are the good guy.

Like a parasite, they infect and sap the life out of everything they find an interest in. They find everything problematic and guilty of some sort of sin, and as such, everything must be deconstructed and reworked in order to suit their tastes and sense of morality.

You, dear reader, probably know this very well seeing as how you not only read a lot of my writing and reporting, but you’ve very likely experienced it yourselves in some form or fashion. These people don’t lead a “live and let live” lifestyle. They’re social conquistadors. No matter how peaceful and good your life is, they want to destroy it and make you live under their yoke.

Everything and everyone will submit.

Take social justice icon Colin Kaepernick, for instance. The man is so convinced of his own moral superiority that he decided to make the NFL about him for a good long while. Even when the NFL rolled out the red carpet for him to rejoin, he thought it was too out of his control and he tried to force the NFL into doing his reemergence in the league his way. The NFL wisely shrugged him off and walked away, hopefully for good.

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That should have been the final nail in Kaepernick’s public coffin, but while his credibility has been demolished by every normal person, we still have a media that fawns over anyone and everyone who touts the idea that America and white people are bad. Kaepernick is more than willing to say both of those things, and in an effort to push his social justice credibility even further, he decided to turn on the last remaining people who might have had any real respect for him: his own adoptive parents.

His white adoptive parents were portrayed as idiots in his ridiculous Netflix special about himself, but recently he decided to double down on hating the people who provided him with a home and put clothes on his back by declaring that they were racists in a CBS interview.

The excuse? His adoptive white mother didn’t think “cornrows” were a professional-looking hairstyle.

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That doesn’t make her racist, it makes her a concerned mother who wants the best for her son. She wanted his hair to be neat and tidy, so he was taken more seriously. My mother did the same thing for me when I wanted to grow my hair out longer. Larry Elder had black parents who didn’t want him to have an afro. Does that make them racist?

Do you see a continued pattern that underlies everything here?

Some of you might say “ingratitude” and you’d be right, but it goes a bit deeper.

What Kaepernick and many social justice-soaked souls suffer from is an acute infection of narcissism. They have a holier-than-thou attitude that would make even the most stuck-up Karen blush and submit, and are in full belief that anyone or anything that falls short of their perfect worldview is worthy of derision and shame. No matter how close you are or what kind of personal relationship you have, the woke will never know friendships because everything is subject to trial and judgment under their own self-serving philosophy.

This is why they can say things that make them look disgusting with zero guilt. This is why they can truly believe they’re helping the world and making it better while being absolutely useless and combative.

Watch the self-awareness of this grown woman who devolves into tears and self-victimization after being kicked out of her parents’ home by her mother. In the follow-up video, she buckles down and declares that she’s the victim of horrific crimes against her by the people in her life. In truth, as you saw from the mother, these crimes involve not buying into her ridiculous claims about gender and self-diagnosed illnesses.

On principle, there’s not really much of a difference between this girl and Kaepernick. Their narcissism has convinced them that the world they live in is whatever they think it is, and their belief in social justice has given them a system by which to judge others harshly, even their own family and friends. They seem wholly unaware of their own faults and place the blame for their shortcomings on others. They have to because if they embraced the truth, they’d realize just how much is their own fault and they would have to battle demons they’d ignored for years.

People need to face some realities in the modern era. The hard truth is that you’re not special until you make yourself special through effort and work. Declaring you’re a victim doesn’t make you special. It definitely doesn’t give you license to guilt others into embracing your worldview, but today’s society has people convinced that this is the case.



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