The Brutal Truth About Why No One Takes Modern Feminism Seriously

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Modern feminism is failing the corporations that embrace it. With few exceptions, if something gets too soaked in the divisive ideology that is current-year feminism, you'll see the company suffer in some way for it. 

I can point to a myriad of examples, but really I can just point to Disney, which has leaned into modern feminism so heavily that it went from being an undeniable cultural powerhouse to a mere shadow of its former self. While it's embraced a lot of different kinds of radical messaging, at the core of it is the intersectional feminism that has damaged the bottom line of many brands. 

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Modern feminism embodies everything wrong with radical politics. It's dictatorial, loud, self-victimizing while being offensive, creates unnecessary division and strife, and paints innocent people/groups as mustache-twirling villains. 

But on top of all that is the fact that it's all a lie and one that people don't have to investigate to see. They can just feel it. 

If we were to strip modern feminism's message of all its spin and media-driven trappings, we'd be left with the idea that women are victims of the patriarchy and that if they want to stop being victims they must out-masculine the masculine. 

This solution is accomplished in a variety of ways that modern society is more than happy to help with. Women are given positions for being women, and accepted to University for being women, and in media, they're depicted as being stronger and more capable than men. 

Meanwhile, in the dating world, women are encouraged to do more sleeping around than men and stay sexually promiscuous, never settling down. They're encouraged to see men as a means to an end while their true love should be their "free" lifestyle. 

This has been particularly destructive for women, but modern feminism has beheld the increasing unhappiness, anxiety, and depression of women and declared its work a success because the paychecks are higher. 

But as I said earlier, at the core of all of this is modern feminism's idea that women should replace men and that women would be better representatives and keepers of masculinity than men. 

But they're not and demonstrations are given daily, sometimes in little ways, and increasingly often in big ways. 

I could point to cute ways feminism suddenly takes the day off the moment a spider shows up in the home or a jar needs opening. Feminism doesn't have much to say when it's time for an oil change or something heavy needs to be lifted, but these little examples hardly elaborate on the severity of my point. 

Modern society says women can fill all the roles that men do...but nature does not, and we don't listen to nature at the peril of our society which has allowed modern feminism to thrive. 

The brutal truth is that modern feminism is a first-world luxury and that this first-world comfort can be enjoyed because of men. Men built society and kept it through the threat that attacks on it would be met with the terrors of the Earth. Since time immemorial, the promise from men to those who made enemies of what he built was that their blood would flow like rivers and when you're not hearing the ear-piercing roars of death-bringing machinery, then you'll hear the chorus of wailing and pain from those who survived or were spared. 

It's that promise that has kept order from the local to the global, and it's a promise backed up and kept by the inherent violent potential of masculinity. 

And it's men who embody masculinity best. Yes, masculinity is dangerous, but it's that inherent familiarity with danger that makes men and masculinity society's best hope for survival. Even when it's not being displayed on the battlefield, you can see true masculinity in many other ways. Sometimes you'll see it in the boardroom, you'll see it as they run into burning buildings, and sometimes you see it simply standing defiantly against common evil like a handsy drunk at a bar or burglar in the night. 

This is what modern feminism seeks to dismiss and what it tells women they can easily adopt, but this is a lie. Women don't possess that killer instinct and don't gravitate toward danger as a general rule. The other brutal truth about modern feminism is that if men truly wanted to establish a patriarchy where women had no rights...they could, and there's very little women could do to stop it. 

Sure, in this awful scenario, there'd be men who died at the hands of women who resisted, but in a world where men truly wanted to force women into submission through violence and real oppression, it wouldn't be a long fight. 

I need only point to actual patriarchies in countries in Africa and the Middle East, where women have no say and live at the mercy of men, in order to prove my point. 

We do not live in that society here in America because men established long ago that this should be a free nation that should only get more free as time goes on. These men succeeded, and the success continues because rough men stand ready to do violence on behalf of others. While women might help in that endeavor, they are not the reason the threat is believed. 

And that's why modern feminism is laughed off by a great deal of the population. While corporations and politicians may be too scared of angering mainstream society to say differently, the people are becoming increasingly fed up with this radicalism. They're not showing up to feminist movies; they're laughing at feminist activists, and the internet has had a very good time circulating videos of feminists getting owned in debates. 

Modern feminism thinks it's tough and even forces others to pretend it is, too, but at the core of it all is a natural understanding that the society it thrives in exists because men allow it to. Radical feminism needs men to survive, and perhaps it understands that at its core and that's part of what makes those who embrace it so crazy. 

Anyway, enjoy this Bo Burnam skit about feminism. 



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