The GOP Had Better Prove Its Uses and Soon

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While I wouldn't say they're an entirely absent party, I often find myself asking where Republicans were on too many subjects. Too often, they resemble Democrat enablers than any kind of opposition party, either because they went right along with the Democrat's plan or because they simply didn't put up a strong enough fight after talking a big game. 

Republicans are simply losing faith in the Republican Party. Back in December of last year, the GOP voted by majority to fund the Democrat's omnibus bill that would infuse the very agencies that have historically attacked conservatives with billions of dollars. The GOP then had the nerve to tweet out "Republicans believe in limited government." 

The response from Republicans and conservatives was nothing short of brutal. 

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The schism within the GOP is pretty evident. Kevin McCarthy had to wheel, deal, and fight tooth and nail to become House Speaker with a myriad of Republicans celebrating every time he failed to get the vote. He finally did to tepid applause. The reason was simple; McCarthy had proven on more than one occasion to be Republican with Democrat-lite tendencies, and the revolt from within his own party was a consequence of this

It's not just McCarthy that's the problem either. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been a thorn in the side of his own party for years. His disdain for members of his own party loses us elections, and that was demonstrated in vibrant technicolor during the midterms when McConnell badmouthed Republican candidates and even stripped them of campaign funds if they didn't fall in line with his wishes. While it's undeniable that he's helped Republicans achieve some massive wins in the past, his sins weigh heavy and they drag the party down. 

There's a good reason he's the least popular senator in America, even among the GOP. 

This enablement of Democrats by Republicans shines brightly in our corrupted, two-tiered justice system. Democrats can do whatever they want, be as corrupt as they want, and abusive as they want with no backlash save for some tough talk from Republicans. No legal trouble will befall them and they will face no consequences, empowering and enabling them to continue deeper into corruption. 

This is perfectly demonstrated by the Hunter Biden scandal, which continues to weigh on Republicans like an albatross around the neck. It's clear that the Biden family is deeply involved in some serious crimes, yet the Bidens either suffer nothing more than a slap on the wrist if anything at all. Republicans spend a lot of time on television and social media posts talking a big game, but no axes fall. They seem content to farm popularity and donations off the back of every Democrat scandal while doing little about it. 

After a time, one begins to wonder if Republicans somehow benefit from Democrat corruption as it greases the wheels for fundraising dollars. 

Meanwhile, Democrats utilize our justice system to punish their political opponents. Everyone in the nation, including every Republican, should be standing up and denouncing the purely political lawfare being waged against Donald Trump whether you like the guy or plan to vote for him or not. Yet, too many Republicans are standing by and allowing it to happen. They stay mum or even cheer it on because they simply dislike the man. 

The effects of this silence will be devastating. Not only are Democrats learning they can punish their political opponents, but they're also learning that they can use lawfare to get their way in any given situation. Today it's Trump...tomorrow it's you. 

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Both Hunter Biden and the attacks on Trump are continued proof that the GOP is weak and passive, and it creates a very serious divide within the party and a lack of faith that could easily give an independent cold feet during an election as well.

Republicans are not a united front, and we all know what happens to divided houses. 

That's not to say there aren't shining stars within the GOP. There are examples to follow. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul continues to prove to be the how-to to McConnell's how-not. Texas Rep. Chip Roy is also an example I wish other Republicans would dutifully follow.

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As I reported Thursday, the supermajorities in North Carolina's House and Senate have been pushing through important legislation, and slapping down Democrat Governor Roy Cooper's consistent attempts to veto it all. 

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That's not even mentioning the complete Republican domination of Florida by Governor Ron DeSantis and the Republican House and Senate which has been suffocating the Democrat Party to death at every turn.

It's not that we don't have an opposition party, it's just that the party refuses to oppose too often. These instances of victories or actions are the exception, not the rule. 

All they have to do is act and begin making being corrupt a painful affair. It won't be a peaceful undertaking and things might get colder between the parties than they've ever been, but peace is swiftly becoming no option at all:

As my colleague Ward Clark brilliantly wrote in his own piece on this subject: 

Sure, it would be preferable if American national politics was the sane, measured, collegial process it has been since... well, never. But this use of lawfare is something rather new. And there's an argument to be made here, namely that the GOP needs to apply a little sauce to the goose.

Nobody should want to see this happen. But neither should anyone be willing to have the GOP just sit back and let the Left walk all over them, dragging them into court on phony indictments and making them spend small fortunes defending themselves against bull leavings.

The bottom line here is that the GOP doesn't have much longer to prove that it has what it takes to be the Sheriff America needs it to be. The waning faith in the party isn't going to help it come election time, but more importantly, the catastrophic result of a Democrat Party that has learned it can act with reckless abandon will be blamed on Republicans, and people will be right to blame it. 

To be clear, I want the Republican Party to win, but what's the point of voting for a Republican Party if there isn't one? It's a question many will ask themselves come election time. Even if they do manage to overtake Democrats and win the White House, failure to be more than tough-talking paper tigers will only empower the left more. 

The GOP needs to start becoming an offensive force and leave its defensive strategies behind, and it needs to start yesterday. 



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