North Carolina Republicans Are Manhandling the State's Pro-Child Mutilating Democrat Governor

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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper is trying his absolute best to keep the societal blitzkrieg of transgenderism alive and well in his state, but Republicans are slapping down every attempt he's made. 

According to the lamentations of The Hill, Cooper has continuously attempted to abuse his veto power to stop various bills being pushed through both the state's House and Senate, all of which halt the transgender activist agenda. This includes hormone treatments and surgeries for minors, men in women's sports, and limiting public schools' ability to teach children about sexuality and gender identity. 

“Republicans are serving up a triple threat of political culture wars,” Cooper wrote in the veto message. 

But Cooper and the Democrats are at a massive disadvantage as Republicans hold veto-proof majorities in the House and Senate, and they're overriding every veto Cooper signs without hesitation. 

Republicans have been working hard to pass these various bills that stop the transgender madness that has swept the nation. This includes House Bill 808, which bans so-called "gender-affirming care" for minors from medical professionals in the state. This includes puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical procedures. It also blocks state funds from going to any of these drugs or procedures. 

Another veto override was over House Bill 574, banning people from competing in sports that don't align with their biological sex. While Republicans said this would help maintain the integrity of sports, especially that of women's sports, Democrats accused Republicans of "targeted abuse" of transgender people. 

“This is just a mean-spirited bill,” said former Olympian and current Democratic Rep. Marcia Morey. “We’re not talking about world-class athletes.”

Republicans were able to achieve this super majority thanks to former Democrat Rep. Tricia Cotham, who swapped political parties and became a Republican in April. Cotham noted that the Democrat Party wasn't serving the people but rather the whims of the national party and her resistance to that resulted in her former-party members attempting to bully her into compliance. 

The experience was enough to convince her to switch parties, and the Democrats have been taking massive losses ever since. In fact, one of Cotham's first votes as a Republican was to vote in favor of a 12-week abortion ban in the state. 

As RedState previously reported, this Republican supermajority has been a nightmare for Cooper and his North Carolina Democrats. Republicans overrode Cooper's attempt to halt gun rights legislation. 

The stripping of Cooper's veto power couldn't have come at a more crucial time. North Carolina is considered a swing state, but it's been exhibiting a pattern of drifting to the right just in time for the 2024 election. 

Democrats have themselves to blame for this drift. It's been exhibited on multiple occasions that America's parents will not tolerate the transgender activist community's encroachment into their children's lives. Moreover, allowing an influenced minor to have access to drugs and surgeries that would permanently scare them is morally reprehensible. With the mainstream left consistently attempting to introduce children to transgenderism and sexual subjects, a citizenry can never be too careful about its laws regarding transgenderism's relation to children. 

Democrats foolishly attempt to play this off as bigoted and hateful, but the truth is that transgender activism is predatory and its results are undeniably destructive. Its activist community often paints itself as the victim of hateful violence, but the data shows this is wholly untrue. While the transgender community does suffer serious problems, the overwhelming majority of these are self-inflicted, especially in the suicide count. 

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It's only natural that parents would want to not only keep their kids away from transgender activism but also keep a society that allows fair competition in sports and proper education. 

Democrats either can't or won't learn this lesson. They continue to push transgenderism on people in the name of inclusivity and acceptance while conveniently ignoring the data that clearly shows how damaging it is, especially to the youth. 

Hopefully, politicians like Cooper will never learn this lesson and will eventually push themselves out of office. If this happens enough, then eventually the politicians will be too few to truly harm the people with this fad that's lasted far too long. 

Moreover, a valuable lesson will be learned: You don't mess with America's children. 



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