Big Tech Calls Us 'Dangerous and Derogatory' - and We Think That's a Badge of Honor

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This whole Big Tech censorship thing is getting so tiring. We’ve written before about our battles with Big Tech, with Facebook’s fact-checkers, and with the allegedly “neutral” arbiter of who’s fake news and who’s not, Newsguard.

We thought we were getting a reprieve back in the summer of 2021 after we all caught Anthony Fauci lying to Rand Paul, and then the whole scheme of EcoHealth Alliance chief Peter Daszak serving as an “expert” for Facebook’s fact-checking site Science Feedback started unraveling.


It’s still happening, and it makes even less sense than before. There are certain topics that we get our hand slapped if we cover in a way Big Tech doesn’t like. By “hand slapped” I mean “money taken out of our wallet,” and by “cover in a way Big Tech doesn’t like,” I mean covering the topics truthfully. Currently, some of those topics are climate change, COVID/COVID vaccines, trans issues, and the 2020 election – to name a few.

In just the past week, these articles were flagged by Big Tech:

Yes, MrBeast’s Friend Chris Tyson Abandoned His Wife and Son When He Identified as a Woman

WATCH: Riley Gaines Defends Women’s Sports, Calls out Lia Thomas ‘Mansplaining What It Is to Be a Feminist’ in Senate Hearing

Seriously. Covering a woman’s Congressional testimony about sexual harassment on a college campus is “dangerous and derogatory.” Standing up for a child whose family life is being ruined by a destructive fad is “dangerous and derogatory.”

I can only assume that the nameless, faceless, unaccountable Big Tech overlords agree with this moron.

As well as…

Stopping Looters: We Ain’t Gonna Take It, Any More

The New York Times Insists It’s Only a Song When It Urges Killing White South Africans

Anyone who’s read RedState for any period of time knows that being labeled as “dangerous and derogatory” by the types of people who run Big Tech companies doesn’t discourage us or offend us; it fuels us and inspires us to be even more dangerous and derogatory.

Unfortunately, in addition to labeling us and using mean words, Big Tech hits us in the wallet for that “dangerous and derogatory” content, or as it’s more accurately defined by people with two brain cells to rub together, “the truth.”

Why are they making telling the truth an expensive venture? Because the truth is expensive to them. The left spends a lot of time and money generating narratives. Fear and loathing generate a good portion of their support and in order to create that fear and loathing, a lot of cash and labor has to be dedicated to think tanks, media reporting, falsified research, and reinforcement from everything from social media companies to politicians.

If we can just disrupt all of that in the span of an article or two, then their entire venture collapses. It’s very hard to convince people to be afraid of something when sites like RedState are out there showing you there’s nothing to their narrative but bluster and bulls**t. That’s a lot of their money down the drain. To save their money and power, they work to reduce ours.

So they do what authoritarians do and they attempt to push censorship. Since they can’t actively control what we write, the best they can do is target our bank accounts and threaten our reach if we write about certain topics that are highly inconvenient to the narrative.

Sadly for them, their main threat isn’t this site; it’s you. RedState and sites like ours are just the messengers; it’s you who are the main force. Their attempts at censoring us are just them trying to stop the necessary information from getting to the people who can really do something with it.

Again, all of this isn’t about us. It’s about you. Their attempts to suppress us are just attempts to keep you ignorant, unaware, and asleep.

I say that’s not something we should let happen. If they want to kill the truth, they’re going to have to get through all of us first, awake, and anxious for the fray.

While we’re out here speaking the truth and reporting on the world as it is without their filters, you can keep us afloat by subscribing to our VIP program. It might be cheap on your end, but altogether, you and other subscribers provide a sword and shield that is deadly to false narratives and outright lies. It’s really hard to break our backs financially when we’re not reliant on their ad dollars, and you make that possible. Every subscription is another person prying their grip off of us.

And when I say “cheap on your end,” I mean it. Right now if you use the promo code “CENSORSHIP” we’ll take a whopping 50% off the price. That means you’ll be subscribed for $.07 a day or $.13 a day if you subscribe for the Gold package, giving you access to all of Townhall Media VIP – RedState, Townhall, Twitchy, PJ Media, and more. You’re going to get additional articles, podcasts, and videos not available to front-page subscribers.

This isn’t a fight we can fight alone, and it’s definitely a fight they’d prefer not to have. Despite their best efforts, we’re going to make sure they don’t have a choice. Together, we’re going to finish the fight they picked.

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