King Climate Grifter John Kerry Demonstrates Key Virtues of the Climate Religion In One Hearing

Climate Czar John Kerry has always been a man willing to say and do anything to achieve wealth and power. Like his boss Joe Biden, Kerry was willing to inflate the importance of his humble beginnings and even today will like straight to your face, even when caught in the midst of a very obvious lie.

Of all the things Kerry loves to lie about, climate change is his favorite. And why not? Through the climate change grift, the left has obtained more power, money, and control than any other arrow in their quiver. Race-baiters wish they could achieve the power of the climate cult.

As Nick Arama reported on Thursday, Kerry blatantly lied about owning a private jet to Congress. We know it’s a lie because one John Kerry told us so back in 2021 when he told a reporter who questioned him about his private jet use that it was “the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

In one fell swoop, Kerry exhibited some of the core tenets of the Church of Climate Change.

Firstly, he adheres to the “it’s okay if I do it” principle. This is technically the unofficial motto of the Democrat Party, but the Church of Climate Change treats this principle as one of its most important because it allows them to justify the excesses that wealth and power grant a person while wagging their finger at you with a clear conscience.

You’ll find that this attitude is pretty common, and the excesses get more egregious the louder the person is about how important it is to adhere to the Climate cult’s alarmism. Take, for instance, Leonardo DiCaprio, an A-list Hollywood actor who is so loud about the importance of climate activism that he even made a movie making fun of people who didn’t believe in it, which also took shots at the Trump administration.

Yet, as was recently reported, DiCaprio doesn’t practice what he preaches. This is a man who uses his helicopter to take off from his mansion of a yacht to simply go to lunch.

I’m willing to bet all the money I have that neither his yacht nor his chopper runs on solar energy. DiCaprio’s actions don’t match up to his words, but that’s pretty common for Deacons in the Church of Climate Change. Any damage they do to the environment is justified in some way, and if they can’t ignore it…well that brings me to the second principle of the Climate Cult.

Lie, lie, lie.

Lie about the 97 percent of scientists who believe the activist climate change narrative. Lie about the timeline until the point of no return, and when nothing happens at the end of that timeline, lie about another one. Lie about melting glaciers and dying polar bears. Lie about being arrested during a climate change protest. Lie about carbon dioxide’s negative effects on the planet. Lie about the destructiveness of the so-called “green energy solutions.”

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Lie, lie, lie.

So much power depends on the cult’s ability to lie to the faces of the American people and enforce that narrative through the constant reiteration of the lie, government actions based on the lie, activist “scientists” generating false facts to support the lie, and fake media-born reports that support the lie. If you’re caught red-handed with the lie, lie about the lie.

Climate change isn’t a quest for a cleaner, better world. It’s an industry that rewards authoritarian political systems with power and influence and keeps a population in fear of a sky that will never fall and a wolf that was never there. It is the most successful grift in all of human history.



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