Big Tech's Big Sink Into Asininity Has Reached New Levels of Darkness

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File

If you’re a regular content creator on YouTube, you’ve likely come across the yellow dollar sign at some point. It’s YouTube saying that something about your video is too risky and they need to withhold ads. Your time and effort go unrewarded and YouTube gets free watch time.

This might not upset people as much if YouTube’s demonization hammer was at least a little consistent, but it’s not. You can follow every rule YouTube has to the letter and you still might see your video choked off ad revenue or, even worse, completely thrown off the platform. Moreover, you could speak absolute truth and if YouTube doesn’t like said truth, your video could be deleted and you could receive a strike on your channel.

This happened to me twice. One when I suggested that some conversation needs to happen about the validity of the 2020 presidential election and another when I pointed out that the vaccine didn’t do what our leaders said it would. One wasn’t a declaration of an election’s validity, just a suggestion that we should talk about it, and the other was an absolute truth. YouTube punished me for both regardless.

Now, down the timeline, we see that YouTube is punishing people for saying another absolute truth, calling someone a man when they’re a man identifying as a woman. As highlighted by the Daily Wire, misgendering someone is punishable by having your video deleted. It’s what happened to Jordan Peterson during his podcast featuring women’s rights advocate Helen Joyce.

Perhaps that’s not too surprising. An organization that leans as far to the left as Google is going to make its companies obey a ridiculous set of rules when it comes to the reality-denying trend of transgenderism.

What is surprising is that YouTube doesn’t consider it a violation of its rules to expose your anus and genitalia. From the Daily Wire:

On July 2, a video by “gay sex educator” Kevin Leonardo, “Removing BUTT HAIRS Using NAIR Cream – A Visual Guide!” was brought to the attention of the TeamYouTube Twitter account. During the video, Leonardo exposes his testicles and anus while demonstrating how to use the aforementioned products.

The video was posted on June 25 and subsequently went viral as a result of widespread disgust and backlash on Twitter — it has 14 million views, nearly five times as many as Leonardo’s next most popular video, and according to reporting by The Publica, it has been disliked more than 167,000 times.

Two days later, Team YouTube responded to the user who brought the video to their attention, and said that in reviewing the video, they did not believe it violated their community guidelines, although they did age restrict it so that only adults could see it.

You can’t misgender someone but feel free to expose every nook and cranny you have to the general public.

You can see the elements of this disgusting video that prevented YouTube from doing anything about it. The creator was a “gay sex educator.” That automatically puts his videos in a column that the woke executives at Google and YouTube would rather not touch. Taking down that video might result in the accusation that they’re against homosexual education and that wouldn’t look too good for their ESG scores.

The question is, how far does this go?

If exposing one’s genitalia with close-up shots and a good deal of spreading isn’t wrong because it’s all in the name of sex education, then what’s to stop displays of actual sex from being labeled as educational and allowed on the platform? We already know that social justice advocates are good with exposing children to graphic depictions of gay sex in library books, so what’s to stop them from depicting it on YouTube under the guise of learning?

Where is the line?

Rest assured, this little incident will embolden people of all varieties to begin posting pornography to YouTube under educational labels. Don’t think for even a moment that they won’t attempt to get this kind of thing in front of your children. After all, this is ultimately what all of this is for; normalization.


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