Dear LGBT Activists, You're Not Persecuted, You're Just the Bad Guy

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There’s this Key and Peele skit that was made almost a decade ago that takes place between a gay man and his coworker at an office. Keegan-Michael Key plays an overtly bombastic gay man who obsesses about homosexuality from his style to the way he decorates his cubical. Jordan Peele plays a very normal, everyday office man who is annoyed with his gay coworker’s overt need to advertise his homosexuality.

Key’s character pushes the boundaries of decency, leading up to flashing a picture of his anus to Peele’s character. Peele is increasingly annoyed and is constantly having to defend himself from accusations of homophobia from his coworker whenever he expresses disapproval of him going too far.

Sound familiar?

In the end, another male coworker enters the scene and asks Peele’s character if he’s ready to go to lunch. Peele introduces the new character as his boyfriend catching Key’s character off guard. At the end of the skit, Key’s character has his first moment of self-awareness in his life and says “Oh, I get it. I’m not persecuted, I’m just an asshole.”

You can watch the skit for yourself, just be warned that it’s slightly NSFW.

I was thinking about that skit when on Monday when I watched Jen Psaki scramble to justify Muslims uniting with Christians to protest LGBT activism in schools. As any leftist does, she wrote off the idea that anyone would ever unite with right-leaning people’s willingly or in good faith, and instead reported that Muslims were being duped by Republicans into allying themselves with the evilest homophobes ever.

It’s all in an effort to persecute sweet, innocent gay people who just want the freedom to be themselves. That’s the theme the left wants to pass off about this backlash against the LGBT activist community. When I heard her say that, Key’s line played in my head.

“You’re not persecuted, you’re just an asshole.”

It only got better when, as RedState reported, another video went viral of one gay man speaking to the LGBT community about how Pride events have become way too obscene to the point where they lose the plot about what the LGBT community is about.

We’re watching a Key and Peele skit play out in real life. When even the LGBT community has had it with its own activist community, maybe it’s time to wake up and get some self-awareness about who really is the bad guy in this situation.

And I want to impress something that should make it quite obvious who the bad guy is in this situation.

Despite their similarities, Muslims and Christians aren’t necessarily the best of friends. In fact, we spent billions and billions of dollars and way too many American lives battling Islamic extremists overseas. These extremists were killing people in terrorist attacks on American soil so often that the media would openly hope that it wasn’t done by a Muslim person because it would only give fuel to the wider realization that Muslims were unpredictably dangerous. They tried to play that realization off as bigotry from Republicans, but only the most ridiculous people were buying that.

To be clear, the majority of Muslims weren’t big fans of Islamic extremism but it doesn’t change the fact that the two religions are historically at odds with one another, and while things are more or less quiet now, that tension will arise again in the future.

And yet, here they are, side by side, standing between the LGBT activist community and their own children. Two historically opposed religions uniting as one to make it clear that while they’re historically enemies, they have a much larger shared enemy right in front of them and they’ll put their differences aside in order to face it together.

Between that and increasingly more and more members of the LGBT community speaking out against its own activist community, various states passing legislation to stop the attempt at pushing homosexuality on children to the applause of its residents, and the continued demonstration by the market that things hated by the activists tend to sell well, I think it’s pretty clear who the bad guys are here.

Maybe the LGBT activist community should read the room.


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