The Bottom Line About BlackRock CEO Larry Fink

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The world has blessedly become more aware of BlackRock and its effects on corporations all over the country. The investment firm has its tentacles in so many companies and politicians that it’s safe to say that you live in the United States of BlackRock.

And at the head of this Cthulu-sized horror is BlackRock CEO Larry Fink

Fink has used his company to pressure corporations to get involved in politics. If you wondered what dog Anheuser-Busch had in the LGBT activist fight, the answer was that it didn’t, but Fink said it did so it did. Failure to live up to Fink’s “Environmental, Social, and Governance” (ESG) standards would cause you to lose ESG points which could mean delisting your company from important stock market lists and getting you bad lending deals.

In my honest opinion, Fink is a more dangerous version of George Soros. Where Soros also puts his money into the pockets of politicians and uses his wealth to create activist groups, Fink created a business that effectively turns major American corporations into anti-American activists. It’s a strategy that holds American jobs and the economy hostage in a way. A person can just not join an activist group and speak out against politicians. A person will have a much harder time speaking out against their own company for fear of retribution.

While Fink might not be the originator of ESG, he’s definitely the face of it. BlackRock’s uncontested supremacy in the investment market and his ability to buy politicians making him, arguably, the most powerful person in the world.

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And Fink isn’t necessarily shy about what he wants to do. Not long ago, Fink was on stage at the World Economic Forum discussing his own hiring practices and how they “force behaviors.” While he was talking about BlackRock at the moment, it’s now pretty clear that this philosophy for BlackRock’s business methods is one that he was forcing on every other corporation under his BlackRock umbrella.

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He has only one weakness…us.

America has shown that it’s ready and willing to reject Fink’s worldview, and why shouldn’t it? Under Fink’s management, the world has become a DEI nightmare that slowly crumbling down to its very foundations as it embraces woke practices. Even the LGBT activist community has become as hyperactive as it has because Fink decreed that corporations must celebrate homosexuality and transgenderism in order to keep their ESG scores up.

As a result, Americans have begun punishing corporations for bending the knee to Fink.

It’s an outcome that’s definitely hurt BlackRock and Fink is taking it a bit personally…he should. ESG is a cancer on first-world society as its strongest proponent, he should take a good deal of the blame for it.

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Fink is an incredibly successful man. He’s built an empire worth over $10 trillion and has CEOs and politicians asking “how high” when he says “jump.” His business acumen is superb.

But here’s the bottom line: At the end of the day, Larry Fink is just a radical leftist in a suit. He should be viewed in much the same way as we look at screaming college students with a myriad of hardware drilled into their faces, ill-fitting clothing doing nothing to cover their fat rolls, and hair dyed eight different neon colors. While he may be a good businessman capable of navigating the market, his ideas about how businesses should operate it just flat-out stupid.

They’re destructive. The antithesis of forward development. He is a social justice warrior and a woke culture icon. His ideas should be treated as such.


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