Mainstream Hate Towards Christians Is Proof That the Left Actually Loves Bigotry

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There’s just something about Christians that drives mainstream culture out of its mind and causes untold amounts of hatred to flow their way. Those who openly hate Christians or reserve religious criticisms primarily for Christianity will say that it’s the hypocrisy, corruption, and more that causes them to despise those who worship Jesus Christ. These same people will turn around and engage in some of the worst hypocrisies, contribute to mass corruption, and support some of the most cancerous issues in our society.

To be sure, many people have had bad experiences with Christianity depending on how they were raised or where they came from. Some people who claim they don’t believe in God talk about Him as if they’re angry with Him, not that he doesn’t exist. I feel for these people as some prejudices can be developed from bad actors. To say that there aren’t a number bad actors in Christianity would be false, but like any massive group, you’re going to have people who act contrary to what’s right or take advantage of people by institutionalizing the idea in a way.

However, these people are a minority compared to the wider church, but that doesn’t matter. The angry voices or those with an anti-Christian agenda are elevated by mainstream media sources ad nauseum. They’re given contracts to write books and movies detailing a non-Christian perspective on things. Christians displayed in mainstream media often find themselves either the villain of the story or acting as some sort of secondary antagonist, a character that complicates matters with their cowardice, hypocrisy, or bigotry.

It’s a problem in mainstream culture that even some actors have begun noticing is a bit much.

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Moreover, it’s a problem that’s caused the reputation of Christianity as a whole to decline. The common Christian is egregiously misrepresented and those who would find comfort and fulfillment in the love of Christ are led into the wild where they suffer. Moreover, when atrocities are committed against Christians, the same people who angrily speak out and protest if it were any other group become celebratory.

I’ve written about this in detail previously:

Mainstream media tends to go completely silent, if not get defensive when other religions practice extreme violence. However, if a group of Christians protests outside of an abortion clinic, it’s dangerous and must be stopped.

A transgender person can literally walk into a school and kill six people, three of them children, and the media will blame Christians for the killings on the claims that Christian bigotry drove the killer to go that far.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Black Lives Matter marchers were allowed to gather in the streets with no masks, yet churches that attempted to hold services, even outdoor services, were shut down with prejudice.

It would appear at this point that mainstream culture has been tasked with the eradication of Christianity from the public square.

As first reported by Bounding Into Comics, The Passion actor Jim Caviezel noted that our culture is fine holding up other religions that aren’t even religions, such as the LGBT activist movement. Speaking to Jeff Tharp on his Rumble Show “Elija Streams” about his new movie Sound of Freedom, Caviezel noted that the film is a “rejection of what they are doing to our Christian culture right now”:

“Christian bigotry is the most accepted form of bigotry, right now, in the world, right now. And they are okay with that. Well, not anymore. That’s done.”

“You want to put a rainbow flag on Mickey Mouse that’s fine,” Caviezel continued. “I never asked them to put a Star of David, or a Crucifix, or a cross on Mickey’s ears. Why are you doing that? Why are you putting the rainbow flag above the President of the United States? Above the United States flag? Absolutely appalling.”

Caviezel then stated, “This is a culture that is inconceivable, and for you to make a mockery of my Lord Jesus Christ…Again, I’m not going to work for the Nazis. Give me freedom or give me death.”

The left, which drives this anti-Christian sentiment, loves to justify bigotry against Christians as intolerance of intolerant people. With even a small bit of research, people can find this as a dishonest take on the Christian position.

A Christian is led to hate the sin, not the sinner. He may disagree with a person’s lifestyle, but he does not hate the people who take part in it. Moreover, Christians recognize the sin within themselves and while they may not take part in the sin, and even try to deter others from sin, they do not ultimately judge people for their own sins. That’s reserved for Christ.

This is one of the major issues mainstream society has with Christians. It doesn’t recognize this nuance and instead takes the Christian’s unwillingness to advocate or accept people’s sins as bigotry and hatred of the people. Thus, movements like the LGBT activist movement can proclaim Christians as the worst kind of people because they want to prohibit “love.” What Christians are actually against is the act of homosexuality or any kind of gender-bending agenda that causes harm to those who engage in it. Moreover, they seek to protect children from that kind of influence.

In that way, Christians are definitely the leftist activist’s chief rival as Christians tend to be a hard group to overcome when they decide to move en masse. Despite claims that Christians are delusional worshipers of an invisible “sky daddy,” Christians tend to have a much greater grasp on realism. They recognize the world for what it is as being in the world but not of it gives a reflective Christian a view on matters from an outside perspective. A Christian will understand human nature and the sources of its corruption far faster than many other groups will because of it.

It’s not something that people who wish to corrupt or subjugate like, and so they do their best to turn Christians into villains, marking them as societal “others” and generating anti-Christian sentiment through the populace. The message they want to send is that bigotry is okay against Christians because they themselves are the worst kinds of bigots.

It’s a false narrative but an effective one nonetheless.

What it does do, however, is expose a massive issue about the left. They themselves are ready and willing to weaponize bigotry whenever it suits them. When it comes to the true bigots in the room, look leftward.



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