If You Want to See True Bigotry, Be an Open Christian

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As a Christian, it’s hard not to notice there are different flavors of bigotry and it all depends on what group you belong to and where you’re sending your specific brand of bigotry.

For instance, if you’re white and you exhibit even a touch of bigotry toward any other race then you’re the epitome of evil. Be any race and show extreme bigotry towards white people, you’re one of the good guys. If you’re straight and you refuse to participate in the LGBT community’s celebrations of their homosexuality or gender fluidity, then you’re a “phobe” beyond measure. Reverse the roles and you’re an enlightened progressive. If you’re a capitalist who points out the major flaws of socialism, then you’re a greedy racist. Be a socialist who denounces capitalism by throwing around wild social justice claims, then, ironically, you’re a brave freedom fighter.

However, no matter what group you belong to, you will never be as bigoted as the standard Christian, according to those who love to shout about bigotry as a hobby or job. In fact, the radical left spends a lot of time tracing everything they consider a societal ill to Christianity.

Even the evil deeds of other religions are blamed on Christianity. Popular atheist author and podcaster Sam Harris said that the respect Christians demand for their own religion gives shelter for the extremes of other religions.

On that note, even atheists who seem to despise all religions seem to despise Christianity the most. Richard Dawkins made this very clear at one point, noting that unless he says otherwise, all of his denunciations about religion would have Christianity first in his mind.

Mainstream media tends to go completely silent, if not get defensive when other religions practice extreme violence. However, if a group of Christians protests outside of an abortion clinic, it’s dangerous and must be stopped.

A transgender person can literally walk into a school and kill six people, three of them children, and the media will blame Christians for the killings on the claims that Christian bigotry drove the killer to go that far.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Black Lives Matter marchers were allowed to gather in the streets with no masks, yet churches that attempted to hold services, even outdoor services, were shut down with prejudice.

It would appear at this point that mainstream culture has been tasked with the eradication of Christianity from the public square.

This can be seen in the way beloved actor Chris Pratt is treated. Pratt is an open Christian which is reason enough for the truly bigoted to hate him alone, but Pratt magnifies this by being an A-list celebrity who is constantly approached for roles. This gets him no end of grief from internet atheists who claim his mere affiliation with Christianity means his bigoted, racist, and pretty much every horrible thing under the sun.

As Twitter user MasteroftheTDS shows, the news that Christ Pratt relies on his faith in Christ to help him deal with all the unnecessary hate he receives spurred people to throw even more hate his way. As MasteroftheTDS points out, he’s never seen hate thrown at anything online quite like Christianity gets hate thrown at it.

Bigotry is indeed a problem, but bigotry toward Christianity is one of the absolute worst and, in the end, one of the most destructive.

Western society was built primarily on Judeo-Christian beliefs. These beliefs form the backbone of our Constitution, and even the mere concept of a “right” is cemented in the idea that it is God who grants them and therefore they are not assailable by man.

Without the Christian God, all of this falls apart. What is and isn’t moral becomes blurred and so does the idea of who is considered a person. If God is taken out of the true leadership role of the country, then other “gods” will be raised up to replace him and none of them will be good.

Yet we live in a society where being openly hateful towards Christians isn’t just shrugged off, it’s actively applauded in mainstream society. True bigotry can be seen in the way many speak of Christianity and treat the followers of Christ.



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