Democrats Are Telling You Who They're Afraid Of

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“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” – George R.R. Martin

One of the most common ways a leftist will expose themselves (outside of literally exposing themselves for any given reason) is by watching what they avoid talking about. If they’re afraid of discussing something for fear of being discovered, they’ll dance around the subject like a Jarabe Tapatío.

They don’t want to talk about the actual science when it comes to climate change. Democrats don’t want to discuss the excessive crime in blue cities. They’d rather no one speak about the excessive evidence of the Biden family’s crimes.

And they really don’t want you talking about the ineffectiveness of the vaccine or the undeniable damage of the lockdowns.

It’s a subject that nearly every Republican candidate wants to discuss with Democrats. The issue, if discussed, would be incredibly damaging to the left and the Democrat Party specifically. During the pandemic, Democrats threw the entirety of their weight behind the idea that lockdowns and vaccines were necessary to the point of being mandatory. This was quickly proven false, but the narrative had to stand. As such, every leftist outlet began lashing out at anyone who dared to speak contrary to the leftist pandemic narrative, and that included censoring anyone and everyone willing to speak negatively of the vaccines.

It’s a proud tradition the left is continuing today.

Republicans are generally now known for their stances on the pandemic, but despite the fact that they’re continuously proven right, Democrats aren’t necessarily afraid of them. Democrats have it so drilled in the public’s mind that Republicans are evil rich white men supported by backwood yokel conspiracy theorists that all it takes are a few biased reports from corporate media and a skit on SNL to make any Republicans telling the truth out to be evil and worth ignoring.

It gets a bit more complicated when the person doing the truth-telling is a Democrat.

As my colleague Brittany Sheehan reported on Tuesday, Jordan Peterson hosted presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his podcast where the duo got to discussing a lot of different subjects, including vaccines. YouTube ended up striking down the video, proclaiming that Peterson had defied YouTube guidelines and that he and Kennedy told lies about the efficacy of the vaccines. What the lie was in particular was not mentioned.

But while the left hates it when you talk in very realistic terms about the COVID-19 vaccines, I’m not entirely sure that was what truly prompted the ban. I think it was the excuse, not the reason.

I think the thing they really didn’t want talked about was Kennedy himself.

Last week, I wrote an article about this very thing. The Democrats have a major issue in the form of Kennedy. He seems to be a well-spoken, charismatic, and fairly reasonable man. While Democrats are now an undeniably radical party filled to the brim with authoritarians and extremists, Kennedy threatens the status quo by reminding voters of a time when things were more reasonable and real.

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It’s the same problem they had with Bernie Sanders, but worse. While Sanders did a very good job of attracting the youth, a number of celebrities, and even some within the Libertarian Party, Kennedy threatens to attract likely voters from the Democrat Party and Independents.

Kennedy is a reminder that the Democrat Party used to be a Party that cared about the United States and can be again. He’s the option for the Democrat Party to reset.

And they can’t have that.

This is, in my opinion, what they truly didn’t want to be discussed by virtue of just hearing the man talk. They wanted to silence him because he threatens the current powers that be in the Democrat Party with something they’re absolutely horrified by; unpopularity.

As Kennedy continues to appear on every popular internet podcast he can find, the Democrat’s current puppet continues to avoid the press where he can. Kennedy keeps talking while Biden keeps retreating behind the safety of closed doors. The best thing the left can do, at this point, is censor Kennedy where they can and for any reason they can.

They fear Kennedy, and in ways they don’t fear Trump or DeSantis. While the latter two might give America a better direction, the Democrats can always come back into power at some point in the future and course correct. Kennedy, however, can upend the Democrat establishment itself, stripping the radicals of their ability to manipulate America for decades.



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