Feminists Are Angry About American Men Increasingly Marrying Foreign Women but Won't Self-Reflect

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“American woman, stay away from me.”

There’s an increasing trend among American men. Instead of seeking out women in their local gathering places or looking on dating apps, they’re doing something that used to be considered a fringe, weird thing to do. They’re finding and importing women from overseas.

There are a handful of reasons for doing this, but all of them amount to a simple idea; foreign women from various countries are still unspoiled by feminism. They value traditional marriage and gender roles, they have homemaking skills including a willingness to embrace their own maternal nature for the act of child-rearing, and they are appreciative of what they have. They are family and home-focused, not career-focused like many Western women are today.

For some reason, this has upset many a feminist who are now watching as more and more men leave the dating pool to look across the literal ocean. Some have even taken to TikTok to express their outrage about it, accusing men of everything from being “predatory” to not being able to handle American women.

Culture analyst and YouTuber Misha Petrov gathered some of these responses from American women, noting that these Western feminists are actually insulting these foreign women by claiming they’re uneducated and weak-minded due to their lack of feminist mentality and that these feminists who see themselves as being better than men are also seeing themselves as better than other women.

Petrov brings up an excellent point and her entire video about the paradox of feminists hating men while still focusing their entire lives around them should be viewed in its entirety (and possibly written about in a separate article) but for now, I want to address the accusations about men being “predatory.”

The idea that men are taking advantage of “dumb” foreign women is wholly out of touch with reality, and it’s a take born out of the ignorance modern women seem to have about men. As I’ve written before, too many young women are taught all their lives what to expect from men but never taught what to deliver in return. This can have a nasty side-effect of dehumanizing men, making them seem like tools meant for the convenience of women than people with their own emotions, hurts, wants, and dreams.

The thinking from many of today’s American women is men are supposed to desire nothing more than pleasing them and are absolutely shocked and offended when these men prove to be far more complex than what they were taught. They go on TikTok or Twitter and create content based on how awful men are for merely not measuring up to their unreasonably high standards.

Men — whom I can personally report are, in fact, human — see this and vacate the very toxic Western dating pool, abandoning Western women to the life of isolation from men they’ve been asking for all along to the chagrin of these women.

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But this “sexodus” doesn’t mean that all men are just giving up on the idea of relationships or marriage altogether. Men want to be in a loving, stable, and prosperous relationship and women from countries where more traditional marriage is valued can provide these prospects.

Is it taking advantage of ignorance? The answer is “not at all,” and I would say that men are seeking women who are more associated with reality.

Consider the fact that there has been a marked rise in the unhappiness of women over the past couple of decades and it’s no accident that it coincides with women being encouraged to leave behind traditional gender roles and embrace pursuits in academia and high-paying corporate careers. The sexual liberation movement has also caused them to give away one of their most valuable resources, their bodies, allowing them to have more sex but receiving less meaning, security, and emotional stability with every trist.

Yet women who value traditional marriages and gender roles don’t have this problem. That’s not to say that they live perfect, blissful lives. There’s no such thing in this world, but there is a deeper sense of fulfillment and happiness that traditional women seem to have as they embrace their nature and the nature of their husbands.

Feminism is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of men and, as a result, they’re seeking out traditional women who want traditional lives in traditional marriages. Don’t think that every Western woman is outraged by this. Mark the rising trend of the “Tradwife” on TikTok, which features Western women enjoying and discussing their choice to be in traditional marriages with traditional gender roles being adhered to.

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What feminist women angry about the departure of men here in the West need to do is put themselves in the shoes of men in today’s day and age while leaving their own feminist-centric egos out of it. A man desires a partner, not a Queen to serve. He desires stability, and to give and receive love in a relationship that works both ways. He wants to earn for his family, and have the appreciation of his wife as he appreciates her for tending to the home he provides for her and their children utilizing basic homemaking skills. There’s nothing wrong with these desires, in fact, they’re incredibly wholesome.

Then the feminist woman must step back and ask herself what she brings to the table. If the answer is nothing but “me” then what use is she to a man?  If that makes her angry, then she should ask if she would be okay with being in a relationship with a person who continues to be useless to her by her own definition.

If she’s even a little wise or capable of disassociating herself from her ego, she’ll understand the mentality of many of today’s men.

Everyone wants love, but despite what the storybooks and Disney movies of old have taught us, love isn’t unconditional. Certain conditions have to be met for people to fall in love with one another, and while those conditions may be different from person to person, what no one wants is to be in a condition where their self-centered and overtly demanding partner makes them miserable every day.

Better to seek out better prospects.


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