Men Are Getting Tired of the Hyper-Sexualized Woman

(Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

As a man, I can tell you that men are pretty simple. We like good food, good alcohol, a good dog, and a good woman, but somehow “good woman” became out-of-date.

Today, it’s all about the hypersexualized woman who doesn’t cook or clean but will tell you how they got this ring. Their primary concern is how sexy or hot they look to the world. Instagram photos with a girl posing in sexy ways and in provocative clothing are about a dime a dozen. Two-dozen on the weekends.

It all kind of jumped a shark when Cardi B performed “WAP” during the Grammys. It was one of the most try-hard, look-at-me performances the world had ever seen, and despite all the “shocking” sexualization they put on screen, people just didn’t seem to care. It was tired and overdone. Society is bored with it.

Especially men.

Men have become so desensitized to hyper-sexualization that we’re actually bored with all the booty being thrown in our faces at all times. There used to be a higher value to women for us. Seeing a naked woman, or even a woman wearing teasing clothing, was once something that got us excited in more ways than one.

Now we’re so saturated with it that the value of a woman’s body is about equal to a cup of instant ramen. It costs almost nothing to get and seems cool for the short time we’re imbibing it, but afterward, we just feel unsatisfied.

I was cruising the web when I came across a video that really summed up how men feel nowadays. I can’t agree with it more.

The sad fact is that mainstream society has women so focused on their sexuality that they’ve become next to worthless in every other way. The path to it is easy to see, too.

Society doesn’t encourage women to be good partners, they’re encouraged to be consumers of what their partner produces. Sadly, these same women are being encouraged to go out and get high-paying positions and are very likely to succeed thanks to the current culture, and very often make more money than their male partners. Yet still, the male is still expected to make more for the family.

It doesn’t just stop at the societal level either. Even in modern families, men are taught how to treat a woman, provide for her, and work hard to keep her happy. Women aren’t taught how to treat a man or how to make him happy; they’re strictly taught what to expect from a man.

This, combined with modern feminist philosophy that encourages women to do away with traditional ideas, has produced an entire swath of useless women who value shallow sexuality over familial contribution and homemaking skills. They enter into marriages where they contribute very little and expect quite a lot, and these marriages eventually end.

This has men thirsty in a way they haven’t been in some time.

Men are becoming increasingly excited about a woman who not only has homemaking skills but interests that actually have more of an innocent and domesticated nature. Is she a reader? Does she like to knit or will she game with us? Does she know how to take care of us if we get sick? Will she be a supportive partner when we’re down and help pick us back up when we fail?

These are infinitely more valuable to us than how good your ass looks in tight pants. Sure, it’s fun to look at, but like anything on this planet, the more we’re introduced to it, the less effective it is. Things that make a woman three-dimensional will always add value. Like it or not, good looks and sexual desirability fade over time. When that goes, what’s left?

“Modernized” women can be angry about this truth all they want, but the reality is what it is. It’s okay for a man to desire homemaking skills in a woman. They’re important to a stable home and healthy children. It’s okay for men to see a woman as more valuable if she has strengths that fall in line with traditional gender roles. Women certainly haven’t changed their views about men in that regard.

Men shouldn’t be made to feel bad about wanting valuable women in a traditional sense. We’re told that we should want the over-sexualized Lust-Inducer 5000 with twerking action, or we’re sexist and don’t respect the emancipation and freedom of women and their individual choices, but that’s just not true. We as men will eventually do as biology instructs us and settle down with one of these women. It’s our lives that will either be uplifted or miserable/ruined by the woman we pair with. We absolutely should be concerned with her character, skills, and value as a wife and partner.

Mainstream culture will tell you that what I’m saying is horrific and sexist, but the truth is that mainstream culture needs to value men and the family more than it does. It definitely needs to value women more, and not in the shallow way it currently does.