How the Left Will Make Adult Relationships With Children Their New Sacred Cow

The radical left has had its eyes on your children for some time and I don’t just mean in terms of how useful they can be for activism or votes come election season. I mean the same eyes a predatory man might give a drunk woman at a bar.

Increasingly, the radical left hasn’t been shy about their desire for pedophilia to be normal in Western society. While it’s coming on at a much faster rate than many would have anticipated, pedophilia was something that seems to be riding on the back of the gender fluidity concept. If people are willing to accept that someone can be any sex they identify as then it’s nothing to say that someone can be any age they want to be.

With influencers like Dylan Mulvaney celebrating their “girlhood” (not womanhood) and major corporations celebrating it alongside him then people will pick up the message that identity is whatever you want it to be. Get that into your brain and you’re not too far away from justifying the absolute worst of perversions in pedophilia.

And it is the bottom of the barrel in terms of perversions. Once you hit pedophilia, you can’t go any lower. It is the murdering of pure innocence without the murder.

Yet, here is the radical left, openly attempting to justify attraction to minors by calling it far less severe words like “minor-attracted persons” (MAPS) and making it seem as if this is just an everyday kind of attraction that there’s no harm in.

But if the plan was to normalize pedophilia by giving it a cutesy name that isn’t at all cutesy, then their little movement would hit a brick wall the moment it got off the ground. People are generally pretty protective of their little ones and someone coming up to a parent and saying “I’m a MAP and I just think your child is just the sexiest” will be picking up their teeth from the sidewalk if they can pick anything up after that at all.

The thing about the devil is that he’s too clever to try a full-frontal assault like that. His usual playstyle is to wear down the defenses in various other areas first before he allows his puppets to mosey in through the front door.

So what’s the plan? How will he make pedophiles the new sacred cow?

The answer popped up this morning on my Twitter feed and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The effort won’t be to normalize pedophiles. That’s the ultimate goal, but before you can normalize that you first have to embrace the normalization of identity being liquid for kids. While the “trans kid” trend is up and running in radical leftist circles, it’s still too extreme for adults to embrace. It’s very loud and gaudy, and like a colorful animal in nature, people stay away from it because it advertises its poisonous nature without shame.

No, the plan will be to shift the view of your child’s mental identity. What do I mean by that?

Watch this video from a radical leftist talking about a new concept called “childism.” According to this creature of the pronouns, the idea that children don’t know what they want or what’s best for them is offensive to the child. She calls it “childism” or the discrimination against a person because they’re a child.

This creature claims she’s a teacher, by the way.

So here you can probably see the door through which they will attempt to normalize pedophilia. It starts by declaring that your child’s wants and opinions are on par with that of adults. If a child says they’re a certain identity, then denying them isn’t just “transphobia” but you’re engaging in the social sin of discrimination by claiming they can’t know that because of their extreme youth.

Rest assured, the radical left will glom onto this concept and will push the idea that the mind of a child and the mind of an adult are interchangeable. They will push the idea that a child’s declarations are just as valid as an adult’s. Internet mobs will attack those who say otherwise. Don’t be surprised if you see picket signs with this kind of message in marches for trans kids, which are already a thing.

There are a myriad of ways this could pan out, but the attempt is going to happen and it could possibly get to a point where it becomes a very real problem.

Consider this: If there are parents out there willing to sacrifice their children for the cause of transgender kids by introducing them to the gender fluidity concept after they just learned to talk in complete sentences, and start introducing life-destroying hormone therapy as soon as possible, then you probably shouldn’t be surprised that there are parents out there who will give up their child for this cause too.

It has happened before, and very recently.

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A willing parent could give up their child to this cause, and teach them that they’re in love with a cohort who has the same feelings for the child. They will engage in a romantic relationship in an area where radical leftist politicians will refuse to do anything about it. The media will then begin the process of wondering out loud if it truly is so wrong and perhaps we do need to be more respectful of children’s desire for love. From there, the stupid, gullible, and easily manipulated in our society will begin to latch onto the idea as well. Once enough of them exist, they’ll form rabid mobs online willing to attack anyone who says otherwise.

It will soon become a sacred cow in our mainstream. It’s unclear what kind of legislation will follow after that in places where radicals control everything.

I wish I was being hyperbolic here, but if you would have told me 20 years ago that there would have been a big mass of people defending the idea that a girl is a boy, then I’d have laughed at you.

It’s pretty clear that the radical left is steering their ship toward normalizing pedophilia. Once they do, the fight for our children will have reached critical mass. I can’t see how violence doesn’t follow from there.

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