The US Is Regulating Itself Into Stagnation Based On a Fantasy While China Surges Forward

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Democrats once popularly booed God during the 2012 DNC convention but rest assured, it’s not because they’re not religious. In fact, the left’s beliefs often require so much faith to believe in that Christians think it’s a bit much.

Democrats are unabashedly zealous about climate change, so much so that they’re willing to regulate the most powerful nation in the world into stagnation in order to please their lowercase “g” god. This is a faith that has disastrous consequences for everyone in the nation, and the policies enacted in the name of eco-(insert intersectional word here) limit advancement in everything from the economy to technology. Regardless, the Church of Climate Change is willing to sacrifice your livelihood on the altar.

In the course of the Church of Climate Change “saving” the planet, you will eat bugs, you will drive electric cars, you will limit your energy consumption, and you will be happy.

However, like most cults, it’s all a bunch of nonsense. While there are true believers in the idea that the climate is changing for the worse and it’s all man’s fault, the leaders of this pagan church have absolutely no qualms in doing everything they shake their fingers at the peasantry for doing to harm the planet and would never tolerate a lowering of standards and curb their own luxurious life to practice what they preach.

This is because they truly don’t believe what they’re saying. The Church of Climate Change isn’t an Earth-saving organization, it’s a power-consolidating institution. The answer to saving the planet is always more government growth, regulation, and control over your personal life.

As I’ve written previously, the Church of Climate Change is using a small truth to tell a greater lie about the environment. According to the evidence, the effect man is having on the climate is debatable at best:

Climate change is real, but from what I garner it’s also completely natural. Our planet is a complicated ball of life-sustaining gases, temperatures, and interwoven ecosystem that spins at just the right angle around a giant ball of gas at just the right distance, and has for millions of years. Even a minor change to that balance could affect the weather on our planet and history shows that has happened to major effect in the past.

I also know that inside the protective bubble that encases our planet, the ecosystem we are a part of has amazingly adaptive qualities. For instance, one of the biggest fears of the climate alarmists is the introduction of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and that somehow greenhouse gases would throw off the entire balance of nature and cause some kind of apocalyptic event.

However, according to NASA, that extra CO2 is causing the planet to undergo a “global greening.” In other words, vegetation is beginning to grow more, and in places where it hasn’t typically been seen before.

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Hilariously, the Church is likely going to turn out to be one of the most destructive entities on the planet for a handful of reasons.

For one, its solutions for “green energy” are actually incredibly destructive themselves. In order to create the solar and wind farms necessary to produce renewable energy, they first have to destroy miles and miles of land, including any greenery and wildlife that live there. Moreover, the chemicals necessary to make solar panels are incredibly toxic and hard to recycle. Meanwhile, the amount of wildlife (including rare birds) that wind farms kill off is astoundingly huge.

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None of this would be a problem if we’d just embrace nuclear energy, but the Church of Climate Change has no interest (monetary gain) in nuclear power, which would be far cleaner and take up less space.

Blue states like California are now pushing for a ban on the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035 in order to please whatever gods they think control the climate, but like everything the Church of Climate Change believes in, the goal is unrealistic and likely illegal.

The shocking part is that this cult only seems to care about the pollution happening in its sphere of control. It seems to have no desire to speak up about the incredibly dirty energy consumption of countries like China. Church of Climate Change’s Saint Greta Thunberg seems to forget to show up to protest in China quite often.

This level of hypocrisy has been highlighted lately by the fact that China is going back on its promise to cut back on emissions, and in fact, ramping up its usage of coal according to The Guardian:

Local governments in China approved more new coal power in the first three months of 2023 than in the whole of 2021, according to official documents.

The approvals, analysed by Greenpeace, reveal that between January and March this year, at least 20.45 gigawatts of coal power was approved, up from 8.63GW in the same period in 2022. In the whole of 2021, 18GW of coal was approved.

A Chinese Communist party (CCP) five-year plan from 2016 had placed a heavy emphasis on reducing the use of coal and developing clean energy sources. In 2020 Xi Jinping, China’s leader, pledged that the country would become carbon neutral by 2060.

China’s first and foremost concern is China. If it has to burn half the world to stay afloat or get ahead, it will do that.

While I’m not suggesting we burn it first in order to stay the supreme power on the globe, I do want to point out that China isn’t above telling dumb Western leaders what they want to hear while doing the exact opposite at home. They want to win the global race and will do what’s necessary to make that happen.

Meanwhile, our leaders are worshipping at an altar of a fake cause.

We’re literally letting the bad guys catch up over an unproven and likely imaginary issue that’s been created more for the purpose of securing power than securing the future of the ecosystem. There’s very little science behind it but there sure is a lot of religious fervor that allows it to ignore its own principles and embrace the worst kind of solutions in order to fulfill its agenda.

While every election is important, especially nowadays, the Church of Climate Change has never been more influential than it has today. The naked attempts it’s making for the control of our society are destructive and will enslave the people to the whim of a cult.

And that’s a very real issue we face today. Our enemies laugh at this cult while our own Western nations continue to be subject to it.

For the sake of the future of the world, we have to stop the Church of Climate Change.



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