The Erasure of Mothers and Women Continues Apace

Back in 2016, the feminist movement was at its most rabid. Women had become sacred cows that couldn’t be questioned as every single one had to be listened to and believed. If a woman said something was sexist, then it was. There was no arguing.

That said, if you were a woman who disagreed with the feminists, then you were ostracized and treated to some of the most vile behavior of the left, but I digress.

That year, the feminist movement had so overtaken our culture that fatherhood was being considered a villain of sorts. On Twitter, the hashtag #EndFathersDay was trending. Major corporations and their woke marketing teams jumped on the bandwagon of feminism, simpering to women during Father’s Day by creating ads and products that gave the figurative middle finger to men in favor of mom.

Angel Soft made an ad called “Happy Father’s Day, Mom.” They’ve since privatized that video on YouTube. Old Navy released a shirt that had “It’s Really Her Day” highlighted within “It’s Father’s Day.” They took the shirt down from their website pretty quickly after intense backlash.

I wanted to remind of you this because now, in 2023, our society went from being absolutely reverent towards women and mothers to, like fathers, trying to erase them.

As you can see from a Twitter thread posted by Arizona Informer, multiple corporations have issued the same option about not hearing about Mother’s Day. Kroger, Nespresso, Kay Jewelers, and even Hallmark have apparently given people the option to refuse to hear about a day that our society once held as important as Christmas.

The thread is far longer, including other businesses like MAC Cosmetics,, and Levis Jeans. Even BuyBuyBaby is in on it.

What’s very strange is that all of them more or less carry the same message. “We can understand that Mother’s Day can be difficult for some.”

What’s the purpose behind this? One can deduce that by figuring out what they won’t let you opt out of. Would any of these companies actively send us emails opting out of receiving content that celebrated Pride Month? Can we opt out of any reference to LGBT content, or is that mandatory?

While these marketing teams could possibly hide behind the fact that this is for people who have lost mothers to cope with the loss, the fact that they would never, ever let us opt out of LGBT content tells us what this is exactly about. According to LGBT activists, there are some women out there who can’t have children because they have a penis.

In other words, these corporations are protecting the feelings of men who think they’re women.

More accurately, they want to protect themselves from any kind of backlash by catering to these men. They’re only doing this because they want to be seen as “caring” about the feelings of people who don’t want to see people being natural mothers because they can’t be natural mothers themselves.

This is just another disgusting cave to the transgender activist community.

While both men and women are under attack from this community, it’s pretty clear that women are getting the shorter end of the stick here. The feminist movement was at the top spot of the leftist order of importance for a time, but the principle of intersectionalism always made that position precarious. All it takes is a slight shift in the political winds for the most important person in the room to become the least.

Women, especially mothers, are now being erased in favor of transgendered people. Don’t worry, they’ll wheel feminism back out at the next opportunity to fight for abortion, just like it was when Roe was being struck down, but as soon as that fight’s over they’ll go right back to shoving women into the background in favor of men who throw on some makeup, put on a dress, and change their name from Kevin to Kara.

Motherhood is arguably the most important job there is. As C.S. Lewis once said:

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career.”

The left has a heavy disdain for the ultimate career and in parenthood in general. They don’t like having access to children hampered in any way, so they must do the work of slowly but surely chipping away at the importance of it in our society.

This means little attacks on motherhood like this.

Remember this, and always remember the left doesn’t truly care about the things they say they do. It’s all just a means to an end.


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