FBI Says Releasing Nashville Shooter Manifesto Is 'Astronomically Dangerous'...I Disagree

AP Photo/John Amis

There are still a lot of questions lingering in the air over the transgender Nashville shooter’s actions. Many of these questions could be answered with the release of the shooter’s manifesto. Yet, as usual, the federal government is withholding information.

Their excuse? Apparently, if the information that was within the manifesto got out, it could be a blueprint for destruction. What kind of destruction? Not sure, they’re being very vague about it.

According to Fox News, Tennessee officials say the FBI is stalling the manifesto’s release and said that when it is eventually given to the public, a huge chunk of it is going to be censored:

Nashville Council member Courtney Johnston told The Post the FBI has already ruled the manifesto would not be released in its entirety.

“What I was told is, her manifesto was a blueprint on total destruction, and it was so, so detailed at the level of what she had planned,” she said, when reached by phone.

“That document in the wrong person’s hands would be astronomically dangerous,” she added.

She said she believed part of Hale’s writings would come out but that “the vast, overwhelming majority of it,” presented too much of a danger to the public.

Destruction of what? We’re not being told, but no matter how you swing it, withholding that information poses more of a danger for the very simple fact that the FBI and Tennessee authorities aren’t the only people who have this information.

Either one of two things is true about this manifesto.

Either the shooter created it and wanted it to be seen by the general public so she already sent it out to various other people whom she deemed important enough to hand this information to. While the manifesto might not hit mainstream areas, it’s likely already being distributed around as we speak on websites and forums that aren’t remotely frequented by the general public.

Or, she cooked up the manifesto from information, opinions, and ideas that already existed.

In both cases, it would behoove local law enforcement agencies and the general citizenry to know what to look out for and prepare for these worst-case scenarios.

This is simple logic, and its lack of embrace leads me to think that the destruction the FBI fears is a different kind, entirely; the destruction of narrative.

While I can’t confirm it until I have more information, the FBI has been utilized as the enforcement arm of an ideological position on more than one occasion, especially recently. The tinfoil hat part of my brain considers the withholding of this kind of information incredibly illogical and provided the fact that transgendered people are a protected class and that the shooter’s belief systems are likely in line with radical leftist ideology, there’s likely very little information in the manifesto that makes their side look good.

Censoring the manifesto until it’s hardly recognizable is a move you would take if you’re trying to hide something inconvenient. If they’re afraid her manifesto would simply inspire more violence then they would distribute it into the hands of those who could best prepare for it, but they aren’t. They’re keeping it close to the chest…their chest.

My guess is that the manifesto confirms a lot of what Republicans and conservatives have been claiming for some time in regard to the danger that transgenderism poses to people, especially the youth. I can assume it exposes certain agenda items that the transgender activist community has that would be entirely destructive to the leftist narrative. I can also assume it highlights various causes of mental illness that would lead to shooting like that.

None of this is good for the leftist narrative. They not only want to keep the transgender community the sacred cow they’ve treated it as, pure as the driven snow and as blameless as Lucifer before his fall, but they can continue to push the idea that guns are the problem, not a mental illness.

I don’t trust the FBI as far as I can throw it, and given its recent actions and who’s holding its leash, I can’t help but think that withholding this information from the public is only saving the destruction of something the Democrats find important to their party. The people be damned.




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