Nintendo Is Teaching Disney a Hard Lesson

A couple of decades ago, if I told you that a pixelated Italian plumber with a mushroom-eating habit and a penchant for jumping on turtles would absolutely school a gender-confused, radically political Mickey Mouse, you probably would have laughed at me.

Yet, it’s 2023 and here we are.

According to Deadline, the Super Mario Bros Movie is performing far better than expectations and still going strong in its second week, bringing in $678 million in global box office with $330 million of that coming from the international markets. They expect an additional $94.1 million from 71 overseas markets to boot.

The movie isn’t slowing down and Deadline is giving an international rundown:

Mario is just showing no signs of quitting and is expected to get to the coveted $1B mark. It’s playing to a wide swath of audiences and is the No. 1 release of 2023 in 26 international markets including Australia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, UK & Ireland and Spain (a local example: my godson here has been to see it at least twice).

Saturday’s update (see below) includes records in individual markets. With current estimates through Sunday, here’s how the The Top 5 run down for grosses: Mexico ($52M), UK & Ireland ($43.8M) Germany ($29.7M), France ($21.2M) and Australia ($19.8M ).

There are multiple reasons why the film is so popular. For one, Mario players who’ve been hanging out with the character since his run on Atari are going to be enticed to let their inner kid see Mario on the big screen. The 1993 Mario movie was nothing short of a disaster that’s gone down in history as one of the worst films ever made, so seeing a competent Mario film is going to be a hard draw to resist.

Moreover, parents will definitely want to bring their children to see a character they all know and love together, and more importantly, to a film whose main goal is to entertain, not preach.

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Nintendo and Illumination put together a movie that doesn’t concern itself with modern buzzwords like “representation,” and it has no interest in pushing some sort of social justice idea to kids. They created a family film that, while imperfect, still manages to do what many modern kid’s films have a hard time doing; being innocent fun.

When it comes to this simple goal, Disney has literally lost the plot.

The House of Mouse can’t seem to release so much as a fart in the wind without it being purposed to push some sort of radical leftist agenda. Even movies that don’t revolve around it have to have something inserted at some point so that they can check that activist box.

Take, for instance, Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear. It was a film that would have introduced a legacy character in a new light. Parents would have wanted to show up to see the movie because they fondly remember Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. Children would have had fun watching a spaceman go on space adventures.

Yet it fell flat. The legacy character wasn’t voiced by his legacy actor, which turned some people off. Moreover, Disney was very adamant that a lesbian kiss scene was put into the film because Disney considered it the height of importance that kids see two lesbians kissing.

So parents opted out and rightfully so.

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Audiences keep teaching these woke studios a lesson. Give us non-political, fun, well-written, and well-acted stories. Leave your self-inserts and bitter outlooks at the door. Stop trying to feed leftist ideals to a country that doesn’t want them, or at the very least, doesn’t want them at that moment.

When even the people who agree with these politics don’t show up to the movie, you know you have an issue.

Nintendo proved, once again, that staying away from politics and staying true to the source material will bring the audiences in. It’s a mistake that Disney, Amazon, and Netflix continue to make with no sign of learning the lesson.

If that’s the case then they can watch as Nintendo becomes the most trusted name in children’s entertainment…again.


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