The New Purpose of Higher Education Is to Teach Hate

AP Photo/Noah Berger

At this point, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that academia has lost the plot.

As a kid, my parents drilled it into me that unless I went to college, I would be digging ditches and cleaning out toilets all my life. A degree was necessary for a promising career; without one I was as good as lost.

Perhaps that was the case when they were around that age, but by the time I was college-aged, that was clearly not the case. In fact, college seemed to be where you went to get a degree that would land you in a significant amount of debt and a truckload of guilt that you had to cope with or repent for.

My college experience was a mixed bag of good professors and bad ones. I was lucky, at that point, to be well-versed in the way of the college professor and knew when I was being preached to and when I was being educated.

For instance, my history professor, a man from Baylor University, told history in such a way that I was enraptured and wholly absorbed the lessons. He was an unparalleled storyteller that mixed levity with severity. The stories he told were unbiased. For instance, his retelling of the Civil War included facts that humanized both sides of the fight, instead of just writing off the South as an evil power bent on enslavement. By the time he finished the lesson, it was clear that both sides had good and bad reasons to do what they did. If I missed his class for any reason, it was a bad day.

But then there was my biology professor. She taught the lessons, but she’d randomly break from them to get on her soapbox and begin preaching the good word of leftism. She bashed Christians for their “unscientific” beliefs and made some lessons too personal. I challenged her in front of the class from time to time, sometimes for my own amusement, sometimes out of frustration.

These two professors gave me a solid idea about what a college education should and should not look like respectively. It should be challenging both in work and in beliefs, but these challenges should come from a place of greater learning, not greater bias.

But greater bias seems to be the modern university’s primary export. The amount of hate for various groups on campus is so out of control that a person speaking the truth about transgenderism can be assaulted and chased into hiding to the sound of applause by University presidents.

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People to the right of Marx being mobbed by university students isn’t exactly a new thing. It happens so often that the shock of it wore off long ago. If you’re a conservative speaker on campus, just assume your presence will inspire destruction and violence.

Then there’s the personal effect it has on people. Watch, for instance, this college student with ridiculously long nails rant and rave like a lunatic about men, marriage, work, and the status of women in today’s world…if you can stomach it, of course.

Reading between the lines, this woman has an intense hatred for a broad spectrum of things, but the most egregious hate she has is the hate for her own womanhood. She considers herself a victim of a system that forces her to work, come home, and work some more while her husband enjoys being a man with fewer responsibilities. She openly admits that this was taught to her by her professor.

This girl clearly has no experience with marriage and probably hasn’t been in a serious relationship that didn’t rely on sex in some way. She clearly has no children. She’s entirely ignorant of the world and so her world is being defined for her by a clearly embittered and ideologically radicalized professor.

And she’s not alone. TikTok, especially, is filthy with radicalized teenagers and young adults professing their absolute hatred for everything from without to within.

Hate is what’s being taught now. These are no longer centers of higher education. While you may get the occasional professor who is there to truly teach the youth and do their job, the University is a minefield of teachers ready to mount their soapbox and indoctrinate who they can.

Universities that participate in social justice indoctrination that teaches kids to hate should be defunded.



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