The Real Gutless Cowards

The Real Gutless Cowards
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On Thursday, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) decided he needed some spotlight time and decided to yell at Republicans in the hallway in front of the press.

As RedState reported, Bowman screamed that Republicans were “gutless” and “cowards” and blamed them for the Nashville school shooting that left six dead including three children. The shooting was done at the hands of a woman claiming she was transgender.

Amid the screaming, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) attempted to introduce a little reality into the situation by calmly talking with Bowman, but Bowman wasn’t there to talk, he was there to pontificate and perform. Eventually, Massie gave up trying to speak with Bowman like an adult and addressed the press with his point directly. This only made Bowman scream more as he was supposed to be the center of the press’s attention, not Massie.

My colleague Nick Arama makes a great point in her article about the incident:

Bowman stalks off, but then Massie delivers a final great point, noting members of Congress have armed protection there in Congress. Why is it okay to have protection for the members of Congress, yet Democrats like Bowman don’t want to afford kids the same protection that they get?

Why do we have shootings like the one in Nashville? Maybe because shooters know that the school is going to be gun-free and they can shoot a lot of people before the police can arrive on the scene. If they didn’t know that, if they knew that they might face armed defense, that might give them pause. Increase the number of school resource officers, then supplement them with trained teachers.

A lot of common sense can be gleaned right off the bat for those paying even a little attention. Massie is correct. Congress is consistently protected by armed security yet Democrats don’t want the same for our children. Moreover, you don’t see a lot of mass shootings happening at places where people can quickly shoot back because it’s hard to make victims out of those who can defend themselves.

Republicans — or at least the ones who fight tooth and nail to keep gun rights secure — are not gutless or cowardly in making sure that the people have access to the best means of defense against elements of our society that have no interest in being law-abiding citizens, much less good people.

In fact, as crime skyrockets across the nation and tensions ramp up between the liberty-minded and the authoritarians, I can’t help but notice that the push to disarm citizens from authoritarians is all the stronger. In fact, when one of theirs commits a crime they do their absolute best to blame the law-abiding, freedom-loving people.

This is bullying behavior. Those that wish to prey on others will seek out the weakest and most defenseless and proceed to exert their will on them, take their money, and hurt them. While the bully feels a sense of superiority, what he doesn’t understand is that this is pure cowardice dressed as aggression. The bully will rarely, if ever, challenge anyone that could truly do him harm.

So it goes with these authoritarians all over the country. They would love nothing more than to exert their will on you and force you to hand over everything from your money to your children. However, they wouldn’t dare push too hard or too far while the populace has the ability to fight back. They are gutless cowards who want to rule over you but dare not confront you directly.

You’ve heard it slip on more than one occasion. Joe Biden loves to brag about how your AR-15 can’t stop his fighter jets. You watched as governors and mayors locked you down and held you back from making a living, sending you into poverty and reliance. You’re seeing “educators” and the politicians who support them tell you that you should have no say over how your children are educated. They will send the DOJ after you for attempting to defend your child from these same educators. They will use the IRS to attack you for belonging to the wrong ideological group. They have no problem weaponizing the FBI against citizens that threaten their rule.

The gutless cowards are the ones attempting to disarm you from a distance so they can tighten the screws on you through authoritarian laws enforced by armed people at their disposal.

Democrats are the real gutless cowards. Period.

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