Lori Lightfoot Effectively Calls Chicago Residents Racist, Sexist After Election Loss

As RedState reported on Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her reelection, and not by a little. According to the polls, she was something of an afterthought, falling well behind Paul Vallas and runner-up Brandon Johnson who got 33.77 and 20.29 percent of the vote respectively.


Lightfoot limped into third with 17 percent of the vote.

Naturally, like any good radical leftist, Lightfoot took no personal responsibility for her loss, choosing to blame it instead on others. In this case, the entire city of Chicago is guilty of being sexist and racist as reported by the New York Post:

“I’m a black woman in America. Of course,” she replied when asked by a reporter if she had been treated unfairly.

“I am a black woman — let’s not forget,” Lightfoot, 60, told the New Yorker in a piece that ran Saturday. “Certain folks, frankly, don’t support us in leadership roles.

Apparently, the city that elected her to the mayorship in the first place suddenly became racist and sexist during her time as that city’s mayor.

The truth is that Lightfoot took a crime-ridden city filled with violence and murder and made it worse. Under her reign, Chicago’s violent crime rate increased a whopping 37 percent while auto thefts skyrocketed by 74 percent. Corporations abandoned the city for safer places as the homeless population increased to unmanageable proportions.


Amid all of this, Lightfoot found it the proper time to give herself a raise.

Lightfoot is guilty of many other things, including stripping journalist William J. Kelly of his press credentials for asking Lightfoot legitimate questions about her failures as mayor. This is the same mayor that sent out a “call to arms” after the dissolving of Roe v Wade, claiming that the SCOTUS was coming for the LGBT community next.

Her mounting failures and insatiable need to over-dramatize every event are what lead to her failure to be reelected. It had nothing to do with her race or sex and everything to do with a simple fact; she was just a very bad mayor.



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