After Bullying VTuber 'Pikamee' Into Retirement Over Hogwarts Legacy, People are Souring on Woke Mobs

I didn’t know much about the VTuber (streamers and YouTubers with virtual avatars) going by the name of “Pikamee” but after watching her name trend on Twitter more than a few times recently I decided to dig into the situation–and what I found was something of a tragic story involving the woke mob and a sweet Japanese woman.


Amano Pikamee was a breakout star, beginning her career as a VTuber in 2020. Her spunky and sweet personality attracted fans from both Japan and America. Reportedly, she shares parentage from both places, as her mother is Japanese and her father is from the States. She is multilingual, speaking both Japanese and English, and has experience living in both Japan and Texas.

Like most streamers, Pikamee would often play games while interacting with her chat. Apparently, she had plans to play the game “Hogwarts Legacy,” and all at once, the trouble started.

As RedState previously reported, “Hogwarts Legacy” became the new front in the culture war. The game was boycotted by members of the LGBT activist community for its connections to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, a person the activist community has labeled as “transphobic” for her unwillingness to embrace the narrative that gender is interchangeable and a man is a woman if he says he is. While it’s been proven that Rowling isn’t actually transphobic, the woke mob refuses to see her any differently.

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As the game began rolling out, the attacks began from the activist mob and their allies. Streamers and YouTubers were bullied and harassed for playing the game. A website was even created that allowed people to put content creators on a list if they played the game.


Various streamers and content creators, including famous leftists like Hasan Piker, admitted that they wanted to play the game but didn’t want to face the harassment that would come their way if they did.

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Pikamee apparently had plans to play the game herself but reportedly never got to, as she was bullied by English-speaking trolls from the woke mob into backing down. Moreover, she disappeared from the internet for a time. When she came back on Wednesday, she posted a video to her YouTube page announcing her retirement at the end of March.

While it was never confirmed that Pikamee’s disappearance and subsequent announcement to retire were directly connected to the bullying she’d experienced, the evidence and timing suggest this is indeed the reason.

The reaction from Pikamee’s fans and people commenting after exploring the trending subject on Twitter has been nothing short of devastating for the woke mob. It would appear that many people have so soured on Pikamee’s attackers that any and all sympathy they may have had for these groups evaporated. While I won’t post many of the responses here, it’s safe to say that people are more than ready to bully these bullies.


People began tweeting their outrage over the harassment Pikamee suffered. One Twitter user going by AsagiKurosagi posted just how heartbreaking Pikamee’s story is.

While my readers may not be into the VTuber community at all, the story of Pikamee seems to be one that could end up being a turning point in the overall culture itself. These woke activists, specifically those of the transgender variety, like to claim that they have enemies lurking around every corner and that society hates them just for being them. I’ve yet to see this be the case in both my personal life and as a person who is constantly watching events play out in news and entertainment, but one thing is for sure, it’s events like these that will create the enemies these activists say they have.

The bullying of Pikamee is definitely one of those moments where these activists are manifesting their claims into reality.

It should be understood that these activists do not speak for the entirety of the LGBT community. I’ve met too many from that community that thinks the activists are garbage and they, like most people, want to be left alone to live their lives. However, the activists are ironically making people wary of the community at large, and judging by the reactions to Pikamee’s bullying, they’re making it worse.


Nuances must be recognized, but regardless, the woke mob is continuing to box itself in as they’ll attack anyone in any group for any reason, and at any time. The fear of these mobs and the goodwill they have remaining with the general public is going to evaporate as their allies dissipate.

Sadly, they’ll likely claim a few more victims before then, and none of them deserving of it just like Pikamee.


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