The January 6 Tapes Open the Door a Little Wider for the One of the Democrats' Greatest Fears

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There’s a scene in “The Dark Knight” where Harvey Dent, now fully into his villain persona of “Two-Face,” is holding Commissioner Gordon and his family at gunpoint. Dent blames Gordon for the death of his fiancee at the hands of the Joker and to get even,

Dent tells Gordon he’s going to take away what matters most to him. He begins pointing his gun at various members of his family to gauge Gordon’s reaction, finally stopping on his son, once Gordon began screaming at him. He then takes the boy hostage and prepares to kill him in front of Gordon before Batman intervenes.

I can’t help but think something similar is happening right now in Washington. The GOP took the House and began figuratively waving its gun around at various things Democrats find important. When the gun hovered over the January 6 footage, they began losing it. McCarthy, the man holding this figurative gun, decided he had a winner and handed the footage over to the place where it would get maximum circulation, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s camp.

I don’t see Batman intervening for Democrats here.

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As RedState covered in various reports, the reaction from Democrats has been nothing short of explosive. Mainstream media and Democrat politicians alike are screaming about how releasing this footage is wrong because it could create a safety issue by giving up details on how the Capitol is protected, as claimed by New York Democrat Dan Goldman:

“It’s a shocking development that brings in both political concerns but even more importantly, security concerns,” said Rep. Dan Goldman, D-N.Y., who was a chief counsel during President Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial.

Many critics warn that Capitol security could be endangered if Carlson airs security footage that details how the rioters accessed the building and the routes lawmakers used to flee to safety. And a sharply partisan retelling of the Capitol attack could accelerate a dangerous rewriting of the history of what happened Jan. 6, when Trump encouraged a mob of supporters to head to the Capitol to overturn Joe Biden’s election.

Both CNN and the Associated Press have raised the alarm that — get this — handing it to Tucker Carlson could create a one-sided narrative that would affirm right-wing misinformation about the January 6 event. I don’t think I need to tell you how ridiculous it is that this was even said by two outlets who ask “how high” when told to jump by Democrats.

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is just one of a few Democrats that are in full panic mode. They’re claiming that Carlson will start disseminating Kremlin talking points, and that this would endanger security. Schumer claims the tapes contain a “treasure trove of closely held information about how the Capitol complex is protected”; releasing it would compromise the safety of the Legislative Branch.

All of this is uncensored, hardcore, gratuitous panic porn meant to mask what Democrats are really afraid of…the loss of the narrative against–and the increase in popularity of–Donald J. Trump.

As RedState reported, a WPA Intel poll showed Florida Governor DeSantis and Trump are the top two contenders in terms of GOP selection for the 2024 presidential primary. Trump’s suffered some popularity loss over the course of the last couple of years. For one, this occurs naturally as being out of office causes the public’s short memory to forget how much they liked him while in office, but also because his attacks on DeSantis have soured people’s mood against him.

But that’s just among conservatives. For the general public, the January 6 narrative that Trump attempted to incite an insurrection is consistently ringing in their heads. The leftist media has done a very fine job of hammering that into people’s heads since that day occurred.

All Carlson has to do is prove that the event wasn’t what the Democrats claimed it was to his millions of viewers. If it was something of an op by Democrats, then the narrative the Democrats have worked so hard to build will become brittle. Trump could regain some popularity, as he looks more and more like the victim of the event rather than its cause.

Moreover, Trump may have stumbled upon a better strategy than “attack DeSantis” in his trip to Ohio. All he has to do is be the President. Where Biden and his administration fail to show up for the American people, Trump can do it instead and look far more like a leader than the leader we currently have. It’s a far more positive approach that leaves attacking a beloved governor out of the equation.

With all this, you shouldn’t be surprised if Trump begins rising in the polls once more. Whether that will be enough to overcome a very popular DeSantis during the primary remains to be seen, but if he does and he gets the nomination, the Democrats will have to face a very motivated and grudge-filled Trump. Should he win, it’s not likely that all the personal attacks on him that came from Washington will go unanswered.

And how that looks like is anyone’s guess, but it’s pretty clear that Democrats would rather not face that possibility.


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