JD Vance Makes Horrible Discovery in East Palestine Creek

AP Photo/Tom E. Puskar, File

Ohio Republican Senator JD Vance has been on the ground in East Palestine, Ohio, where a Norfolk Southern train carrying highly toxic chemicals derailed earlier this month. These chemicals have seeped into the ground and water, turning the area toxic.


As RedState reported Thursday, Vance, and East Palestine’s Mayor Trent Conway, held a town hall where thousands of people showed up to ask questions, some of them pertaining to the highly noticeable absence of the federal government, especially Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

When told the EPA administrator declared the water in East Palestine safe to drink, Vance invited the EPA to come and drink the water for themselves.

It’s highly likely that any members of the EPA will take him up on this offer, especially after Vance released a video of something he found going on in an East Palestine creek.

As you can see in a video posted by Vance to his Twitter account, the Senator takes a stick and scrapes the bottom of a shallow creek. As he does, you can see chemicals rising to the top and creating a rainbow sheen on the surface. Vance also described the area around him as featuring a lot of dead worms and fish.


This is actually the second time proof of the EPA’s lies about the creek were exposed. One woman conducted a similar experiement by tossing a heavy object into a creek. The same chemicals that Vance discovered rose to the top, and as the camera pans around the water, the rainbow sheen can be seen in globules in the water and gathering on the shore.

Vance highlights two major issues here.

For one, the EPA is proving itself to be just another corrupt and unconcerned government organization that would much rather put the people in harm’s way then have to protect the environment when it actually comes under threat. It seems far more focused on creating laws to regulate American industry than do what its job actually entails.

When the environment is actually under very real threat, the EPA’s response is to shrug and tell everyone that it’s all good.

Secondly, the point of Buttigieg is a complete mystery. He’s defined less by his job and more by his absence from it. Like many in Biden’s cabinet, the Transportation Secretary is an absentee, seemingly unconcerned and passing responsibility when able.


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The bottom line is this; the people of East Palestine, Ohio, are in a dire situation that could effect the town and its people for years, and while local officials are doing everything they can, the people who claim to be warriors of the environment and the people are busy doing…well, we don’t know.

This administration continues to prove to be the most hypocritical and unreliable in modern history. It is a consistent clown show of embarassing decisions and absentee officials.

The people of America deserve better.


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