BBC Radio Issues Apology Over Not Defending JK Rowling From 'Transphobic' Accusation

The transgender activist movement’s hate towards Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is meeting a brick wall in at least one platform in the form of BBC Radio.


According to Fox News, editor-in-chief of the website “The Gamer,” Stacy Henley was on BBC radio where she was speaking about the video game “Hogwarts Legacy,” a smash hit video game that became an unintentional beachhead in the culture war, after trans activists and their allies attempted to do everything to stop people from playing it, including mobbing and shaming streamers who played it live.

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Henly stated that she would not be covering the game herself as it only gives Rowling more of a platform for her alleged transphobia:

“The reason we’re not [supporting the game] is really the fact that Harry Potter and the world that Harry Potter exhibits is just entirely connected to J.K. Rowling, but she has a platform that she uses to push transphobia, that she uses to build up this campaign against trans people, especially in Britain,” she said.

“Supporting this game continues to give J.K. Rowling a platform in which she can use to hurt people,” she added.

The host of the program, Evan Davies, responded tepidly with “Obviously, J.K. Rowling… wouldn’t say she’s transphobic” but gave no real pushback against the claim.


This angered the women’s rights group For Women Scotland, which complained to the BBC about its lack of defense of Rowling, allowing a false narrative to thrive. The BBC responded by issuing an apology for not doing its duty in pushing back.

“This is a difficult and contentious area which we do try very hard to cover fairly,” said a BBC spokesperson. “However, we should have challenged the claims more directly and we apologize that we did not.”

For Women Scotland said they were pleased with the apology but that the BBC must be prepared for these comments to arise on their programs in the future, and that a counter-argument needs to be had at the ready:

“We also believe that Evan Davies and the producers must have been aware that this might happen and should have prepared for the eventuality. It was completely unacceptable that such defamatory comments were aired unchecked and we trust that a piece of equivalent length will feature on PM in the near future to set the record straight.”

There’s a prevailing narrative that Rowling is a “transphobic TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) and that anything and everything she might have her name attached to must be ignored or destroyed.


Of course, like many things the woke mob attacks people over, Rowling is innocent of being hateful and bigoted towards transgender people. Her sin is simply not buying into the transgender idea that men and women are interchangeable and that men should be able to move in on women’s spaces by just declaring they’re women themselves.

This is continuously proven, with even one Huffington Post writer setting out to write a hit piece on Rowling and her supposed transphobia, only to find that she had said nothing hateful at all. The writer declared that she was walking back everything she claimed about Rowling and stated that they were “burning the wrong witch.”

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