Why Social Justice Superhero Writers Have a Bizarre Need to Make Everyone Gay

(behind The Flash)

Superman’s son Jonathan? Gay. Batman’s sidekick Robin? Gay. There’s a version of The Flash that’s nonbinary now. Batwoman is now a lesbian, too, and so is the Green Lantern now. Disney made Loki bisexual, and Kitty Pryde of the X-Men is, too.


Apparently, Batman is being teased as bisexual now, too, though DC writers haven’t fully jumped into that pool with both feet.

Coming out as one of the LGBT letters or having some dimensional alternate that fits into one of these categories is all the rage for superheroes now, and it appears no one is safe.

By now, it’s a pretty well-established pattern in the industry. Social justice-obsessed people have worked their way into the entertainment industry and are looking to corrupt and pervert everything they can. If they can make a previously established character that was straight into a homosexual hero, then that’s what they’ll do.

To be sure, as YouTuber “It’sAGundam” notes in his recent video, this is something they’re doing with pride and they have no plans to rein it in. In fact, their plan is to push the throttle on this stuff until the American comics industry is pretty much saturated with it.

And then they wonder why they’re being outsold by Japanese Manga in the same degree CNN is being overshadowed by Fox News.

Some people might be wondering why they’re doing this and how we stop them.

Both answers are pretty simple.

The reason they’re doing this is multi-tiered. For those who aren’t gay but are social justice obsessed, they want the back pats and atta-boys they’ll get for being woke and “progressive.” They know that writing these things will get them accolades from mainstream tastemakers and influencers. They know that their work will, at some point, get translated to the big screen and they can put their name on that.


But then, there are the others who actually have the need to see themselves in the superheroes they now write. Their ability to be creative begins and ends with their own identities. This is why storylines that would have had nothing to do with being homosexual, trans, or any other kind of sexual identity suddenly get infused with hero moments that directly reference one of the alphabet categories.

Both of these have in common the need to normalize something that is, in reality, rather fringe. They think that if they can make something that you love into a vessel for LGBT messaging, you’ll gradually consider it a natural part of the story. This doesn’t just include you. They want younger generations to grow up with this so that, for them, this is all they know about these formerly inspiring characters.

And don’t think for a moment that this stops at superheroes. Every property or story must be subjected to change by the radicalized. Everything that is popular has to submit to the alterations of modernity. Nothing can go unmolested because you can have nowhere to run that reinforces a belief system outside of theirs.

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So, how do we stop them?

At this point, the best thing to do is unplug the machine and let it die. The mainstream entertainment industry is so saturated with these uncreative idealists that removing them would take a massive amount of time and effort, not to mention a dedicated leadership that’s not afraid of making the woke mob angry.


At this point, walking away and letting these things lose money until a sale is forced or leadership gets its act together, isn’t just a solid strategy, but it’s a great message.

Get woke, go broke.

In the meantime, take your money elsewhere. Japanese manga is going gangbusters with insanely good stories and the sales in America show it. American comic creators such as Eric July are stepping out on their own and creating stories actually worth reading.

Mainstream media is more readily available, but it’s hardly the best quality. Solid entertainment is closer than you think, you just have to look for it. When you find it, tell others.


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