It Gets Worse for Amazon as Tolkien Fans Find They've Forced Homosexuality Into Middle Earth

J.R.R. Tolkien was a devout Roman Catholic so you can probably guess his thoughts about homosexuality. When he created Middle Earth and all the characters in it, being gay wasn’t exactly a trait his characters had, especially the main characters.


Yet, in current year, representation is more important than story writing or respect to the creation. Someone has to be gay, and according to one reviewer, it would appear that Amazon has made a number of elves gay, including one of the main characters.

As first reported by Bounding Into Comics, YouTuber and culture critic Grace Randolph was able to see the “Rings of Power” preview. It seems she came away with some negative things to say, the worst of which was noting her least favorite character was the main character, Galadriel. It’s never good news when your main character is the big problem.

Then she revealed that they managed to make the elves boring, but ended up noting that Elrond, a very important character in Tolkien’s works, is “clearly gay.”

“Robert Aramayo plays not just an ambitious Elf climbing the political hierarchy, but [Galadriel’s] clearly gay BFF, which makes for a very relatable dynamic, I felt,” she said.

She then referenced Tolkien’s Roman Catholicism and his views on homosexuality, noting that it appears the showrunners were purposefully trying to defy Tolkien here.


“I think they’re trying to fly in the face of that as much as possible,” she continued. “I think there’s a lot of subtext here, particularly with the Elves. Openly gay actor Lee Pace did a wonderful captivating job in The Lord of the Rings movies. I think that whether J.R.R. Tolkien likes it or not I think that’s become a clear element of the Elves in particular in this world.”

She added that you could “cut the sexual tension in multiple Elf male scenes with a knife.”

As Bounding Into Comics also notes, this confirms the rumor from Nerdrotic’s Gary Beuchler, who received word from someone helping to work on the show that there would be LGBT representation in it.

This is, indeed, a direct defiance of Tolkien’s beliefs and how his beliefs shaped the world he created. This is an example of social justice advocates perverting an established creation to force their own beliefs down the throats of fans and viewers.

The show is getting rave reviews from channels and critics that also appreciate modernity being forced into established franchises and applaud political intrusion into escapism, but it would appear one mainstream source has been very honest about the “Rings of Power.”


As I previously reported, Entertainment Weekly’s Darren Franich had very little to say about the show that was good, making it sound like one more corporate attempt to cash in on an established franchise while obeying woke culture’s demands.

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My prediction is that it’s likely that the first episode will receive unbelievably high ratings but will taper off as people begin to lose interest or feel Middle Earth isn’t being well represented. This is the pattern many shows have followed that have taken a show with a deep fandom and introduced wokeness into it.

And by now we all know the lesson, even if Amazon doesn’t; Get woke, go broke.


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