AOC Attempts a Defense for Her Gas Stove Hypocrisy but Faceplants in the Attempt

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The “current thing” that is the gas stove controversy naturally roped in all the usual suspects when it comes to pushing the leftist agenda. Politicians, activists, and celebrities all came together, after a “study” revealed that gas stoves are dangerous for children and are responsible for 12 percent of cases of childhood asthma.


New York socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was one of those people, who decided to take to Twitter to signal her virtue about how much she dislikes gas stoves and how dangerous they can be. This immediately backfired, as people went back over her social media posts and found that she, herself, is a gas stove user.

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This discovery was even funnier since AOC claimed the NO2 from gas stoves was linked to reduced cogntivie performance, but I digress.

AOC finally came back with a reponse to being mocked relentless on Thursday, creating an Instagram story where she tried very hard to make it sound like science was on her side, and moreover, Republicans were the real hypocrites. Also, she pardoned herself for having a gas stove because she rents.

Firstly, Republicans aren’t having a meltdown over gas stoves. It’s not that dramatic. What Republicans, conservatives, and every other American is having a problem with is that this “study” that was released made claims that almost resulted in the federal government creating a ban.

This ban would have not just cost Americans an arm and a leg all over the country, but the vast majority of restaurants use gas ovens as well. This would have disrupted the food service industry, costing untold amounts of money, businesses, and jobs.


This doesn’t matter to elected politicians or rich Democrats. The cost of obeying the body politic is completely unaffordable. The price is more than most other people can afford.

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Moreover, the American right isn’t the anti-science crowd like she claims. When we find out something is naturally bad for us, we tend to adjust and approve of changes. You won’t find many Republicans out there demanding asbestos make a comeback.

In fact, the American right is far more into actual science then the left ever will be. We’ve had many demonstrations of this over the past few years when it came to the pandemic, but even now, “the science” about gas stoves isn’t lining up.

The “study” that the left is citing is junk science. In fact, as explains, the study the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is citing wasn’t actual research on children, but “meta-analysis of previously published (and ignored) studies”:

The authors did a literature search for previous epidemiologic studies on gas stoves and asthma in kids and then just mixed those results together in an effort to contrive statistical significance. This is a bogus technique for a number of reasons including publications bias in the component studies — i.e., studies with null results aren’t published.


In other words, the researches wanted to reach a conclusion and cherry-picked studies in order to get to said conclusion.

So, this study qualifies as a lie, and it’s a lie that Democrats, including AOC, are pushing on you. The question to ask at this point is why they are pushing so hard to make you afraid of gas stoves, or more accurately, what’s in it for them?

Also, just a final thought, if AOC thinks gas stoves are that bad for people and damage their brain function then why isn’t she moving?

Food for thought you can cook on a gas stove.


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