It's Clear McCarthy Isn't the Guy, but Republicans Clearly Have Another Direction to Go

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As you read this, we may be on Speaker of the House vote number 10. This will continue until the second coming at this rate, and to be honest, maybe it should. At least until the Republican establishment finally realizes that it’s not going to get the gavel.

Looking at this realistically, Kevin McCarthy isn’t going to get the votes to be Speaker of the House. If it does happen, it’ll be a dark miracle that gets him there. The rebellion within the GOP is clearly not letting up and it seems McCarthy’s train is losing steam with every vote.

And why not? McCarthy is about as Republican as a man with a Beto sign in his front yard. His failure to stop cold any Democrat agenda and willingness to let his party languish during the midterms while he sees to his own rise in power disqualifies him completely.

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So who should it be?

A few articles ago, I made the case that perhaps Jim Jordan should be Speaker but, again, realistically speaking, this isn’t going to happen either. Jordan wants to be the leader of the House Judiciary Committee and, to be sure, he’ll be a powerhouse there. So we’ll leave behind the idea that he should speaker too.

Where McCarthy shouldn’t be Speaker of the House because he’s just barely Republican enough not to be considered a Democrat and since Jordan doesn’t want the job to the point where he’s convinced his fellow Republicans not to vote for him, who do we turn to?

I think Texas Rep. Chip Roy and Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert already provided that answer. Both seem to be incredibly supportive of Florida Rep. Byron Donalds and they made some very convincing speeches to that end.

Roy made the excellent point that McCarthy’s time as Speaker would just be Republicans doing the same Democrat Lite nonsense they’ve been doing. It’s something his fellow Republicans should really consider, seeing as how the lack of conservative principles displayed by party leadership cost the Party the red wave they expected during the midterms.

Boebert noted Donalds’ impressive track record of success and gave her confidence that if anyone could bring the Republicans together it would be him. She finished off her speech by making it clear to McCarthy that he doesn’t have the votes and that it was time for him to step aside.

Both Roy and Boebert are correct on at least one thing. McCarthy doesn’t have what it takes, both in being a stalwart conservative who will stand stalwartly against the radicalized Democrat Party and his ability to unite Republicans to go along with him.

The Speakership is supposed to be a leadership position but it’s very clear that Republicans are unwilling to follow him. This is not only true for Republicans in the House but Republican voters as well. The response to both Roy and Boebert on Twitter shows a myriad of approvals from voters telling them to hold the line and make it so that McCarthy never touches the gavel.

At this point, McCarthy should do the right thing and step aside. The fact that he has more votes than anyone else doesn’t matter a lick if he can’t get the votes necessary to achieve the position.

With that knowledge, more members of the GOP should begin swapping their votes for Donalds and bring him to the finish line. This won’t just move us along, but it will be the necessary turning point for the GOP to finally realize itself as the party of the people, and not the party infected with DC culture and Democrat promises.

It’s time to move on as a party, and I believe that starts with making Byron Donalds Speaker of the House.


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