Texas Representative Chip Roy Dismantles the 'McCarthy Is the Only Choice' Talking Point

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The heat in the Congressional kitchen is getting super hot and one of the cooks on Capitol Hill is Representative Chip Roy of Texas. I imagine that being he is Texan, everything is going to be spicy.


See what I did there?

Before I get into the main thrust of my story here I would l like to point you to some of the work of others here at RedState to bring you up to speed on many different aspects of this saga. I hope you take a moment to check this and other stories here.

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As you can see, RedState has been on top of this story not only for the past couple of days but actually the past month as the days and hours ticked leading up to this vote.

As we roll into the second day of voting and the fourth (now fifth) ballot, I found a curious story from last night’s Laura Ingraham show on Fox. Representative Chip Roy of Texas was on and he was questioned by the host about what the plan was to get somebody, anybody, to the magical 218 number and a new Speaker. This video clip tweet by Rep. Roy from a Dan Bongino re-tweet fascinated me in terms of the exchange between Roy and Fox News host Ingraham who is… conservative.


Here is a sample of the exchange

Ingraham: However, you still have to get to 218, so again, I’m going to ask you: What is your end game here? Because it looks like we could be going to something, in my view, a lot worse than someone who isn’t…who passes an ideological purity test.

Roy: It’s not an ideological purity test. This isn’t about Kevin, right? This is about all of the assertions being made by Kevin’s camp. When I hear an assertion that says, ‘Oh, they gave you everything you wanted,’ Laura, hold on a second — what 72 hours to read a bill? That’s already the rule and it gets waived. Do you know how it gets waived? Because the Rules Committee is chock-full of a bunch of establishment people who say, ‘Oh, whatever we need to do to jam through the big spending bill that Mitch McConnell just sent to us.’ Look, when the leadership actually votes with the minority — votes with the Democrats — to steamroll Republicans, which is the past history of our Republican leadership, then maybe we should do something different.

Ingraham and some other conservative commentators seem to be slightly agitated that this was not wrapped up yesterday with a bow put on it. That we are actually having a debate and discussion both on the floor of the People’s House and in the press about who is worthy and capable of leading that chamber should be something that we should all be celebrating.


Ingraham continued on in the video clip above floating the idea that some moderate Republicans would vote for Democrat Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker as some sort of retaliation for McCarthy not getting the gavel. Roy thankfully slapped down that notion as “not a real choice” because it should not be.

I wonder who Laura would blame if six moderate Republicans voted for Jeffries? The 20 GOP conservatives who are not comfortable with McCarthy?

Yesterday, I wrote an article that highlighted that Kevin McCarty stood down for Speaker back in 2015 when it was his turn. He shocked his caucus and said that he did not have the votes and for the good of the party he was stepping aside.

FLASHBACK: Kevin McCarthy Dropped out of the Speaker Race in 2015 – Will He Again?

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the race to succeed Speaker John Boehner on Thursday, a shocking move that throws the House into chaos.

The move came without warning as House Republicans were in a closed-door meeting to select their nominee for speaker, with McCarthy’s wife and kids in the room. Boehner subsequently postponed the vote.

“I think I shocked some of you, huh?” McCarthy told reporters following the decision.

Did the party or the nation fall apart back then?

The Kevin at Any Cost Coalition has every right to make the case for him to be the leader. If I were McCarthy I would get Jim Jordan to do all the TV spots he could to make the case for him. Jordan’s speech for the GOP leader yesterday on the floor was by far one of the best examples of making an impassioned case for a possible losing cause.


However, Chip Roy is making his case quite persuasively and doing it on the fly in front of millions and I personally think this is great for the United States of America and the republic.

Making political sausage is not pretty but at least those who choose to can see what is going on and make up their own minds without the filter of people on T.V. reading prepared talking points.

If you don’t like what I’m saying here then let me know by scrolling down and leaving a comment or by checking out my bio here and hitting me up on all the fun social media sites. I love hearing from YOU THE PEOPLE.


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