In the Fight to Protect Children, It's Important to Recognize the Enemy of Your Enemy

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

There are many things conservatives have to worry about when it comes to the ideological battle for our society. While culture and economy would be considered top priorities, the fight for our children takes the top spot.

Loyal readers don’t need to be told just how far the radical left is willing to go to indoctrinate your children, but what raises the stakes even higher is that this isn’t just about teaching them to love socialism or critical race theory. They also want to groom your child into normalizing and taking part in their sexuality.

Horrifying stories about books in schools featuring graphic depictions of homosexual acts and stories about underage erotica, teachers attempting to indoctrinate your child into the LGBT lifestyle and questioning their gender, teachers advocating for “sex with minors,” and drag shows for children aren’t uncommon.

It all amounts to the radical left’s attempts to make pedophilia and sexual relationships with children a normal thing in our society. Should they succeed then there will be no more society to speak of. A collapse of morality collapses a civilization from within.

It takes all types to win a war just like this one, and it should be recognized that even sides that would normally find themselves in disagreement with each other can unite to fight a much greater enemy.

During GamerGate, Republicans, Democrats, Christians, Atheists, and more came together to win one of the largest culture wars our modern society had seen. To be sure, if it had only consisted of one ideology, it would have failed and the social justice obsessed would have won and the landscape would look much different than it does.

GamerGate was a war that focused on the culture, specifically around the gaming culture. This pales in comparison to the fight for our children, so joining with others that would normally be our enemy is just as integral now as it was then.

The left employs many tools in its arsenal in order to push its agenda and narrative, including using the legacy media, social media companies, activists, high-rolling donors, and more. This amounts to a Goliath of an enemy that requires quite a few Davids to bring it down.

While it’s obvious that Republicans and conservatives are pretty clearly against pedophilia, it’s also important to remember that the radical left isn’t synonymous with everything near it. Democrats, atheists, and more are known to be wildly against pedophilia as they too are parents who want nothing more than for their child to be safe from sexual creeps.

But this also includes members of the gay and lesbian community as well. This was proven when the group “Gays Against Groomers” arrived on the scene and became so effective at bringing the fight to groomers trying to hide behind the LGBT label that the left attempted to shut them down any way they could, including attacking their ability to be financially stable.

This didn’t stop them, as well it shouldn’t. Gays and lesbians might not have an overwhelming parental presence but that doesn’t mean they don’t know right from wrong.

Conservatives and the LGB community tend to have more than a few disagreements, but on this, uniting is necessary. This doesn’t mean you have to accept their lifestyle, but perhaps recognizing the nuance of an individual would do well in the fight against people who absolutely do mean to bring about absolute evil into our society.

What a gay person does behind their own doors with another consenting adult is their business, but what a disturbed adult tries to do to a child is all of our business.


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