Anti-Christian Sentiment Is at the Heart of LGBT Activism Targeted at Children

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Engage in debate with someone who defends drag queen story hours or “kid-friendly” drag shows and you will swiftly be confronted with a huge dose of “what-about-ism” by your opponent that centers around the Christian church.

When you call these LGBT activists “groomers,” they’ll immediately fire back that you too are “grooming” children to be believers in Christ and having Christian values. Bring up the fact that having drag queens interact with children is an attempt at sexualizing kids, and they’ll immediately counter with stories and articles about priests and pastors going to jail for pedophilic actions.

Also, one can take a recent look at the rejection of Kirk Cameron’s attempt to start up his own story hour at public libraries being shot down directly since his story hours revolve around Christian themes.

At its core, Christianity represents everything that the radical left and the LGBT activists within it hate. It teaches traditional values tempered and proven over time. It promotes a logistical look at the world, including how biological sexes exist and interact. It rejects the idea of a homosexual society and embraces wisdom over emotion.

Moreover, one of the most problematic things Christianity does for the LGBT activist community and its allies is promoting worship and obedience to Christ and God with God being singular and all-powerful. This doesn’t sit well with radical ideologues who wish for their adherents to worship themselves or replace God with the god of activism and party loyalty.

So they cook up reasons to hate God by focusing on the sins of Christians, namely those that harmed children. They will attempt to reach into the media’s breathless reporting on pedophilic actions by Christian members or leaders and make that representative of the entire faith. This is, of course, a ridiculous idea.

Christianity is hundreds and hundreds of years old, and the faith has spread across the globe. Very few cultures have not heard the name of Jesus Christ and even in nations and countries where other religions reign by a majority or are illegal, there are deep pockets of Christian believers. The sad fact is that when something is that widespread and long-lasting, you’re going to have people within it who defy everything they’ve been taught and engage in sin, some sins more horrifying than others. Of course, you’re going to have people who take advantage of their position and do evil things.

But to say that this represents all of or even most of Christianity is demonstrably false. These bad actors are usually put in prison for decades and/or life sentences to the sound of Christian applause. Christians want their churches and communities free of this kind of filth and it’s often the pedophile’s own congregations exposing them and sending them to prison.

This is all a thinly veiled way of pardoning pedophilic actions by the radical left and their LGBT activists. They say that just because a child wasn’t touched at a drag show and one was by a bad actor in a church that the drag queens were not engaging in pedophilia. The bottom line is that any introduction of sexualization, provocative dancing, and encouragement of engagement by these drag queens in any way is pedophilic action.

These children have no business being around men wearing short skirts and panties while they thrust their rear ends around. There’s no reason why these children should be forced to learn about gender swapping and concepts like homosexuality or transgenderism, which focuses squarely on sex and sexuality.

But they will insist that Christianity is far more dangerous for children than an LGBT-focused lifestyle. This is demonstrably false. Studies show that transgender teens are at a much higher risk for suicide than those who don’t engage in the belief. The LGBT community often uses cult-like tactics to make kids it seduces into the belief feel isolated and targeted, causing them to break off from family and friends and further descent into depression.

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The truth is that Christianity creates more stable households. Christian parents tend to take more moral responsibility in their marriage. Stable marriages tend to create stable households and stable households tend to create stable children. Stable children don’t make good victims to socio-political activists, so the war against Christianity is on and it starts by attempting to get at your children early.

No matter how you swing it, the LGBT activist’s biggest foil is Christ and the parents who believe in him.


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