The NHL Caved to the Transgender Agenda and Will Now Learn the Same Hard Lesson the NFL Did


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Looks like the NHL is about to come down with a severe case of “get woke, go broke.”


Earlier today, the National Hockey League joined in with the woke agenda chorus with this stunning and brave tweet promoting an all-trans hockey game in Wisconsin.

This was followed up by a Twitter user commenting about how this was really men playing on a women’s team, to which the NHL responded with a parotted phrase used by anyone wholly obedient to the transgender ideology.

“Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Nonbinary identity is real,” tweeted the NHL.

I’ll let you go in and read the responses for yourself. While it’s definitely a mixed bag, the vast majority of it was pretty negative, and for good reason. This is a nonsensical take that has no basis in reality. Men are not women and women are not men. Biological sex is not interchangeable within the human race.

The NHL, like many other organizations, is attempting to appease a very rabid, loud, yet desceptively small group of activists who have convinced it that it needs to show its support for the transgender agenda or else risk massive blowback. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them buckle down on this too.


You might start seeing messages painted into the ice, or time during games dedicated to the trans agenda.

Maybe that will happen, maybe it won’t, but what I do know for a fact is that the NHL opened the floodgates. This game it put on, and these tweets it sent out, will not be enough. If it stops now, the transgender activist community and its allies will accuse the NHL of simply trying to use them to look good, not actually dedicate itself to the cause, and they’d be right. The goal is to keep the NHL in a state of constant obedience and open worship.

This is going to absolutely kill the NHL’s attendance and cash flow, and we know that because it happened to the NFL.

Just to recap, once Colin Kaepernick took the knee on the field, he triggered a domino effect that caused the entire league to also kneel before the cause of social justice. Slogans, including “Black Lives Matter” were painted on the fields. Players began kneeling during the National Anthem, and one of the biggest sports in America lost millions of fans.

The fallout was documented here on RedState.

Ratings began to decline. By 2018 it had lost 33 percent of its audience with boycotts being a huge reason why. That’s a massive drop. The 2019 Super Bowl had the lowest ratings in a decade.

With the severe crashes, the NFL began to slowly back away from the social justice infusion into the sport, likely as team owners began complaining about flagging attendance and sales. Soon, players were no longer kneeling on the field during the anthem and themes began popping up that were more geared to please the audience such as a “salute to service.” Ratings improved, but there are still those out there who outright refuse to watch the NFL to this day over its blatant disrespect to the fans and the country.


So, if the NHL buckles down then it was clearly not paying attention when the NFL tried something similar and eventually stopped in order to save itself. It will make the same mistakes and likely have the same reaction. It will lose ratings and fans before it quietly stops pushing the trans agenda and attempts to win fans back my appealing to its actual audience yet again.



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